Mistress Gail

"Discretion is of parallel Importance to Me I neither care or want to know who you are in the world outside.

In My Presence & Domain you are seen only as slave or submissive.

Should I see in the world outside you will neither be greeted or acknowledge by Me.

Is that understood."


Indulge and explore your deepest desires. Let Mistress Gail lead you down the path of self discovery and exploration in your collar and cuffs, as we/ We play our/ Our games of power exchange.

Surrender and discover a world beyond the corporate boardrooms and playing fields,

Let Mistress Gail lead you down the path unlocking the door to the world of fantasies and fetishes.

Surrender to Mistress Gail in Her Private Secure Dungeon and let Mistress Gail introduce you to the fine alluring dance of power and submission on a undiscovered level,

Professional Experienced Dominatrix Mistress Gail  been practicing the fine art of BDSM and femdom and head games for three decades and has 

trained many slaves and submissive's in the fine art of Female Domination slavery & submission through out the years.

Mistress Gail sees slaves and submissives that have an invested personal  interest in their BDSM activities and well as themselves and know that their more to being a slave or submissive then just dropping their pants. 

"Serve Honor and Obey"

I'm a firm believer is Safe, Sane, Consensual  play regarding BDSM Activities.


Where you feel comfortable and safe to explore youre compatible BDSM activities with Mistress Gail.


Where Only Our/our compatible BDSM activities are played with in a session booking.


Ones fantasies and fetishes are realistic ones that keep both parties safe in the D/s dynamic.

 When you are ready to dive deeper into certain BDSM activities that you been curious, about these activities are discussed 

prior to a session booking so that Our/ our compatible BDSM activities remain consensual in the D/s dynamic.

 I'm a sensual sadist, who enjoys building a slave, submissive up  sensually with pain and pleasure and watching the endorphins course through you're veins as I have my dominate way with you.

 Mistress Gail sessions with slaves, submissive, sissy sluts, & naughty  boys, who's BDSM fetishes & kinks are compatible with Her own and enjoys working with slaves and submissives who care about their BDSM femdom  session experiences with Mistress Gail and together put in a team effort to creatively enhance their BDSM

Fem-Dom sessions experience with Mistress Gail.

My personality encompasses many facets from dominate to sensual  devious  to cruel, playful to mischievous, gentle to nurturing and always

 playing within the confinements of  safe, sane, consensual play.     

 As Mistress Gail teases, torment and punishes a slave / putting you through your decadent paces of  pain and pleasure.

 Knowing exactly where you're pain limits lie in a session with Mistress Gail.

 Good Communication is of paramount importance to Mistress Gail as its gives Mistress clarity regarding what you are wanting to explore as a slave / submissive / naughty boy / sissy slut in Our / our  session together.

 Mistress Gail focuses solely on your fantasies and fetishes in a session, unless you have asked to be taken to the edge of the cliff in a session with No Mercy words given to you regarding you're fantasies and fetishes.

 A Safe words is given to you at the start of a session to keep you safe in you're session and may be utilized at anytime that   you are feeling unsafe in your session and whatever Mistress Gail is doing will stop straight away.

Respecting boundaries and limits is a two way street. Mistress Gail respect yours Mistress Gail boundaries and limits are.

No Oral, Nudity or sexual intercourse with Mistress Gail BDSM Fem-Dom Activities 

All session ending with a happy ending only.

 Mistress  Gail Brings to Our/our sessions a blend of American, British, and South  African Female Dominations.

Mistress Gail has been active in the B.D.S.M since 1990


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