"Elegant confident mature trailblazing experienced dominatrix Mistress Gail will unravel your BDSM song and dances from your skin and bones making your mind and body the keeper and seeker of your own aphrodisiac desires "                                                                                                                               

 Step into my world of majestic male persuasion   presenting yourself to Me naked and on all fours.

 Bathe in the subtle aroma of leather as a opulence   collar is placed around your muscular neck and   leather gauntlets grace your hands and feet   bestowed  upon you one name slave

 Bowing before her in reverence as you await her   hedonistic directions, and orders movement and   mobility obstructed as her diabolical hands delight   in the abuse of the flesh.

There's a fine line between pain and pleasure and its knowing how to orchestrate its hidden magic for pain to become erotic pleasure in a Bdsm Professional session and experience with Mistress Gail.

 I am a sensual, sadist, and observist ,who enjoys   building a slave, or submissive, up sensually   with pain, or pleasure allowing the endorphin high to   increase with sexually arousal. 

 Playing within the heart strings of safe, sane,   consensual play.

 As I torment, tease, and punish, a slave, or   submissive, putting them through their erotic paces of   pain and pleasure. Knowing exactly where their limits   lie.  

Good communication is key, to experiencing a   session with Me ,as it gives Me clarity, of what you   are wanting to explore as a slave, or submissive. 

I focus solely on you're fetishes in a session unless you have asked Me to take you to the edge of the cliff and you knowing that I will take you there never allowing your to fall over the cliff.

Safe words are given to you at the start of a session to keep you save in your experience and May be used at anytime you feel uncomfortable in you experience and what ever Mistress  is doing will stop in a blink of a second.

 I see both novices, & experienced clients, I have a  fully equipped dungeon to delight your body, mind,  and senses with. 

The greatest reward for Me, as a Professional   Dominatrix and Mistress is seeing a slave, or submissive, experiencing subspace and at the end of the session to see the session was a huge stress reliever and the relaxation on the slave, or submissive face and body afterwards.

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