My Sessions range from Soft Sensual Tie and Tease Sessions, to light, Medium, & Heavy, Sessions. Sessions for an hour/ half and hour, or extended session play.

"So many delights to choose from let your imagination run wild with any

 fetish fantasy you are wanting to fulfill.

Private Numbers will not be entertained or replied too.                                

* Safe sane consensual play is key to having the honor of serving Me for a session *


              My Intrinsic BDSM & fetish interest are.



Bondage ,




Roleplay Scenarios,

Tickling Sessions,

Sissy slut Training, Forced Bi Sessions,

Key-holder & Owner, Chastity Training,Bdsm sessions in chastity,

Public Humiliations,Financial Domination,

Smoking Fetishes, Panthoise fetish,

Feet and Shoes fetish.Blackmail, 

Tease and Denial, Ruined Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Edge play, Cross Dressing, Anal, Pegging, Fisting, 

Medical Plays, Enemas, Sounds, Vibrating Sounds, Electro  Play, Speculums.

Vampire Role-play  Seductions,Porn star you,

On line Domination : Email training and Skype training.

Hypodermic Needles, Saline solutions,

Shoe Boot and Bum Worship, Erotic flogging, Smothering with my bum, Nipple torment, Cock and Ball, Ball busting,Suspension , Trampling , Belting, Spanking, 

Domestic Spanking, Face Slapping, Spitting. Sensual Tie &  Tease, Mummification, Golden Showers, Rope Bondage, Cage Bondage, Age play babies, Pet Play, Small penis humiliation.

A few BDSM Fetish, Fantasy Roleplay Scenario's

 Scenario One:

Make me yours:

Erotic seduction and pampering of the senses with sensations play consisting out of sensual tie & tease and experiencing varies erotic sensual pleasures while bound in bondage.

 Scenario Two :

The helpless victim held captive:

Held Captive in bondage at Mistress Gail's Mercy with either sensual tie & tease, erotic or cruel  nipple play, & titillating genital torment, & bum worship and suspensions.

Scenario Three: 

Sexy slutty slut :

Crossed-dressed in sexy underwear made to suck and worship Mistress Gail's cock and taken from behind with sexy strap-on seduction.

Scenario Four. 

Over Mommies lap:

Bent over My Knee pants at your ankles and Spanked for not doing your chores / Or playing in the backyard and your ball  breaks Mommy window. / Riding your bike in the backyard when you were supposed to be doing your homework.

 Scenario Five.  

Disciplinary hearing report to the Head Mistress Office for being a bad boy.

Scenario Six.

Chastity play with all Eight scenarios.

 Scenario Seven:

Caught red handed in my home raiding my  fridge, Mistress Gail is horrified to see her fridge door open and a mess on her kitchen  floor. A deal is struck between you and Mistress Gail not to report you to the men in blue and punishment and interrogations follows befitting the crime.

Scenario Eight:

Kidnapping Scenario:

Kidnapped & interrogated with varies implement used to torture you to confess being a double agent. 

Scenario Nine:

At Mistress Gail's Mercy:

With any fetish fantasy scenario that you have created and want to submit yourself to Mistress Gail with.

All My Services carry a hot steamy sexually element to them. Respecting Boundaries is a two way street. I respect yours you respect Mine.

Mistress boundaries and limits are:

No sexual intercourse, Oral, or Nudity, are Mistress Gail's Boundaries and limits.

Calling Me and asking for it , Will result in Me ending the call.

Or not responding to you email either.

Heightened  sexual arousal is Mistress skill, delayed sexual gratification is ,Mistress training, and explosive orgasms is Mistress Intention. 

All sessions are played out in my private Fully Equipped Atmospheric Dungeon Consisting out of

A Bondage Table, Bondage Pole, Cage, St Andrews Cross, Punishment Bench, a Block and Tackle and an assortment of bdsm paraphernalia.

Stonehenge Dungeon is Complete. 

Which is Private, Safe and discreet.

Dungeon Hire

Call to 'inquiry

Couples Training

For Wives to learn How to practice safe, sane consensual play on their hubbies and Master

all the techniques and styles of using varies equipment. 

My Services are solely Professional bdsm and fetishes related , I am by no means seeking a personal slave.

I adore my life just the way it is, and love the freedom, space, and flow to enjoy other aspects of my Self. 

Leisurely enjoying my week ends to rejuvenate my body, mind and soul with all my other creative endeavours that feed my body, mind and soul with inspirations and vigour.

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