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What Your Pro-Domme Does for You (Hint: It’s More Than Just a Great Beating)


What Your Pro-Domme Does for You
(Hint: It’s More Than Just a Great Beating)

Maybe you’ve fantasized about your kink your whole life, or maybe you’ve come to realize it more recently.Either way, it’s an urge that nags at your mind and draws you into a haze of daydream regularly.There’s a problem, though: you haven’t had the opportunity to meet anyone who can adequately fulfill that desire.It’s specific, after all, and it’s intense, and it’s not exactly the sort of thing that you can teach someone.No, for what you have in mind, a professional BDSM practitioner is the only logical choice to get your needs met.

That’s not just “okay,” that’s very smart of you!Professional Dominas have earned Their skills through years of experience and training.They are in the very unique position to help you explore every nook and cranny of your kink.They can even teach you more about it, and guide you in expanding further and further into the joy that is your own personal heaven.

More than that, though, you will come to understand a plethora of other benefits that can grace you in session and beyond.

Our Experience Keeps You Safe (Enough)

Those years of experience come with significant amounts of direct education and training in the fine art of hurting you without necessarily injuring you.Yes, your Domme most likely has a natural-born dominant personality, but no one is born knowing how to tie the perfect single-column rope cuff suitable for suspension or how to read your body language if you can’t catch your breath enough to use your safeword.Pro-Dommes routinely attend meet-ups, seminars, and events to learn everything They can about numerous practices, devices, and techniques.There are even conventions all over the world for BDSM practitioners and kinksters, like Dallas’ own South Plains Leatherfest in March and the Bondage Expo in April, 2020.

BDSM as a Positive Mental Health Practice

While We acknowledge that BDSM has had a rough and unsavory reputation throughout history (thanks, De Sade), it is not at all uncommon to find that your session with a Pro-Domme leaves you in a significantly more relaxed and mentally positive state that can last for days.Intense physical interactions in a secure environment with someone you trust creates the same types of brain chemical reactions as the “extreme pleasure ecstasy” stage of human relationships: dopamine, oxytocin, and norepinephrine (the “happy, go do things!” neurotransmitters) go way up, and serotonin (the stabilizer “be boring” neurotransmitter) goes way down.

Many Pro-Dommes report that They consider Their responsibility to Their submissives to be as critical as a therapist – and often Their experiences with those subs produces a highly mentally therapeutic result.Science is starting to realize this as well: Researchers found that submissives regularly achieved an altered consciousness state (transient hypofrontality) similar to hardcore runners and intense exercise nuts, leaving them with personally transformative experiences that enhanced every other part of their lives.This is more commonly known in the scene as “subspace,” and it is the mental and emotional equivalent of a full sexual release experienced with a stable, loving partner: overall physical and emotional stress is significantly reduced as your capacity for healthy intimacy is increased.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For your part, once you’ve been subjected to Her tender mercies, you will find that you can come to know yourself far more than you ever could in any other context.In one study, they found that men who engaged in BDSM experienced significantly less psychological distress in every part of their lives compared to men who did not engage in BDSM.In fact, BDSM practitioners, which includes people on both sides of the “whip,” were, in general, significantly less neurotic, more open to new experiences, more conscientious, less rejection sensitive, and had higher subjective well-being than the control, non-BDSM group.

Submission, especially with a Pro-Domme, is a special treat that teaches you more about yourself.Your responsibility as a submissive is to communicate your needs and desires clearly with your Domme, and then to surrender to Her expertise.You are still expected, however, to express a limit with the use of your safe word, a concept that many submissives find allows them to establish healthy boundaries in other parts of their lives.

So, though BDSM might be considered a “fringe activity” or “something naughty to liven things up in the bedroom,” the real potential of benefit for you goes way beyond a tickle in the pants.And, lucky you, you’re already here and already know that your Pro-Domme is the most qualified person to grant you those gifts.

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About Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria is also known as Domina Daria. She is a Dallas based Professional Dominatrix with a dungeon facility called The Meridian Dallas. She works as a psychodramatist and a kink coach. She helps people develop and assimilate lifestyles to reach peak artistic and sexual expression.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

What is Controlled Ejaculation ? And the two forms of Controlled Ejaculation.

Controlled ejaculation is an erotic form of tease and denial and edge play.
For either the budding Novice, or those of you who enjoy exploring another form of tease and denial that’s not centered around sensual tie and tease in bondage .

Mistress takes charge of your orgasm ,whereby Mistress teaches you how to control your ejaculation through the Johnson squeezing method,
of gently squeezing the girth of your penis and teaching you a simple breathing technique that prevents you from ejaculating

This skill and technique has taken Mistress years to Master.

It’s keeping you on the edge of a orgasm and not allowing you to come till Mistress gives you permission to come .

As your lesson continues, you’ll experience a heightened state of sexual arousal and pleasure that keeps you on the
edge of an orgasm, erotic torment , tease and denial ,for 30 Mins until Mistress gives you permission to come and the orgasm becomes a very intense body shattering one.

This service Mistress Gail provides and the cost of the service is R550.00 for half an hour .

This service is also available to gents who suffering from premature ejaculation, to teach you how to have more control over your ejaculations.

So their you have it ,two difference service to explore that you didn’t know about.

Dominate Regards

Mistress Gail

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Art of Female Domination an Online Dominatrix Training Course Taught By Senior Mistress Gail

The first of its kind
I’m proud to announce that I Senior Mistress Gail will be teaching an online Dominatrix Training Course called The Art of Female Domination for all those aspiring Ladies out there that are wanting to enhance their boudoir antics,or those that are wanting to learn the Art of Female Domination to become Professional Dominatrices.

I am not Ok with teaching full service providers my practices, who offer oral,nudity, and full house with their Services.

The Course material deals with twenty six subjects which will be divided into four online Training Modules Consisting of the following
1 The Dominatrix Persona what Qualities and attributes make up the Dominatrix

2. The Psychology anatomy and head space of a slave, submissive, naughty boy, sissy slut and fetishist

3. Paraphernalia and implements of the trade and knowing how to work with them in a safe, sane consensual way.

4. Setting up your Practice and What is required of you .

you will remain anonymous The online training Course will be held on What App, Messenger, for an hour and will be recorded each Tuesday with a drop box link to a audio file that will be sent to you’re email address for you to download for revision and homework.

Any other Questions that you didn’t ask in class will be answered the following week before I processed with the next Subject.

Once all the Modules are complete you will be tested on everything that I have taught you.

A certificate will be provided to you on the completion of the course

Cost of the The Art of Female Domination Online Teaching to become a Professional Dominatrix is


Cost of The Online Boudoir Antics is

Mistress Gail can be Emailed @

Dominate Regards

Senior Mistress Gail

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Collared enslavement and Servitude


I hadn’t seen Mistress Gail for a few years and I got quite excited when an opportunity arose due to a business trip to Johannesburg. I organised a session straight away.

I arrived at her chambers with a vague idea of what I wanted to do but things started to spiral out of control quite quickly. She answered the door and immediately we started to catch up on the last two years. She asked me what I had in mind and I said that I would like to experiment with being a collared slave. She gave me a wry smile and said that it was a great idea, but was I fully understanding of the implications. She told me that once I had willingly submitted to being collared by her, I was her possession completely, and it was at her discretion to release me from collared bondage or not. She also said that there would be no discussions as I would have to comply with everything she ordered me to do. She looked at me and smiled saying that there were no safe words when you are a collared slave. I said I understood as she turned and walked away.

She came back shortly with a steel collar and a padlock. She told me to kneel in front of her. She looked me in the eye and said that I needed to enter into the agreement of my own free will and this was the last chance to back out of the agreement. I swallowed, nodded and said that I was prepared to be her slave. She then held out the open collar and said “do you of your own free will accept this collar from your Mistress as a binding symbol of enslavement and servitude, knowing that only I and no-one else can release you from this bondage? Knowing that I will own and that you will obey my every word without hesitation or question?” “I do” I said. With that she place the steel collar around my neck and locked it shut.

She stepped back and said that the first order was to strip naked. After I had done so she instructed me to stand before her. She pulled out a chastity device and said that all her slaves are to be locked in chastity. She proceeded to place the device over my cock and balls. It was difficult for me to remain soft, but eventually she slid the sheath on and pushed the padlock shut with a click. She said that she was having a friend over and she needed me to serve drinks. She showed me to a room to get changed. In the room on a bed were a corset, stockings, high heels and a French maid’s uniform.


After I was dressed, I went through to the lounge. She was holding a leather hood. She informed me that I was required to wear the mask at all times. She helped me put it on and I soon discovered that it had a built in gag. She noticed this as well and said “don’t worry, you do not need to speak or discuss anything with me. And there are also no safe words so you do not need to talk”

I was laced into the hood and she put another padlock through the bottom rings. With that, there was a knock on the door. She told me that it was her guest that she was expecting and I was told to open the door. There stood an elegant lady in black skirt and boots. I could not say anything so Mistress Gail said “hi, this is my new collard slave. You can call her Rachel”. She then told me to go and fetch a bottle of wine and two glasses from the kitchen. I came back and opened the wine and poured two glasses. I stood to attention to one side. They made small talk until her guest asked about me.

Mistress Gail said “don’t you think that these are just the best maids? They do everything that you We tell them to do and they don’t talk back. They don’t give any trouble either. Come here Rachel and let me show off what you have under your skirt.” I was embarrassed but walked up and stood still. She lifted my skirt to show my caged and locked manhood.“You see” she said, “Rachel is completely sexless, she cannot experience any pleasure at all. I may even keep her locked up for a month or two”


Then she said “the best part is when she wants to pee. She now has to sit like the sissy girl that she is when she needs to go. Come let’s get her to show us what a sissy girl she is. Come to the toilet and show us how you pee Rachel” she said with a wicked grin. I got up and followed them. At the toilet I lifted my skirt and sat on the seat. I was humiliated and embarrassed as the two of them stood and watched me, drinking their wine. I battled to go, but eventually I peed. They smiled as I tore off some paper to wipe myself. Mistress Gail said “I will be needing your ass pussy later so I need to start stretching it now. I have a huge strap-on just for you” With that she produced a small butt plug and after lubricating it she stuck it up my ass.

Mistress Gail said “I think we need to take this slave to chambers and start breaking her in. but we will take the scenic route through the garden.

Mistress Gail clipped a leash onto my collar and proceeded to lead me outside. We spent an eternity going through the garden before we finally went into chambers.

Once inside, Mistress Gail put cuffs on my hands and feet and bent me over the flogging bench. She attached me to the bench securely and added a strap around my middle and thighs so that I could not move at all. She removed the butt plug and then inserted another. I did not know what was going on until she turned it on. It started to pulsate and go in and out.


She came around to the front of the bench and I could see a large strap-on cock dangling between her legs. She smiled and said it was for later. She then addressed me. “I am going to introduce you to pain like you have never known it” she said. Mistress was holding a short riding crop. She swished it through the air and the strap-on cock bounced around. “There are no safe words, so as a gesture of compassion, I will give you poppers”. She put some on a cloth and held them to my nose. She went around behind where I could not see. “I think that we will start off with 20 stokes of the hand, ten on each cheek”. I panicked, but could say or do nothing. She started, a gentle rub followed by a smart crack. “That’s one” she said. She went to the other side at a leisurely pace. A gentle caress and Whack, another smack. “That’s two” she said. This continued with intermittent popper dosage until all 20 had had been given.

My bum was on fire and very sensitive. “Now we turn to paddle” she said “and do it all over again. But before that I want to introduce your balls to the violet wand.” With that she pulled out her violet wand and proceeded to shock my balls. After the paddling, mistress walked off. She came back a few minutes later and said “Now to teach you about taking it up the ass” . She removed the pulsating butt plug. She gave me some poppers and said “take a deep breath” next minute I could fell the huge cock sliding inside me.

When Mistress was finally finished, she said “now I will take pity and give you some relief’ she strapped me onto my back and secured my tightly. Once I was immobile she took off the strap-on and climbed onto the bondage table and straddled me. It was so arousing but frustrating to see this beautiful goddess on top of me, but I was completely unable to do anything. She teased me for 10 minutes, and kept asking me if I wanted her. I was driven insane by lust, but could do nothing. “You see that I now control your desires and lust” she said as she got off. After another dose of poppers, she unlocked the cage and started to massage me. I could not control myself and I came. But she didn’t stop stroking me. I could not move my arms or legs and it was starting to get painful. She didn’t care and just kept on. “Breathe in and out slowly” was the only thing she said to me. Eventually I came again. She put the cage back on.

She untied me and let me go upstairs for a shower. After the shower I stood in front of her naked. She bent down to unlock the chastity. When she got up she gave me the padlock and the key, but when I looked down there was a yellow padlock with a combination lock in its place. “I will unlock your collar now and release you from slavery, but as a reminder as to how it could so easily be permanent, I have secured you with a combination lock. You will get dressed now and go back to your hotel.

I will SMS the combination to you so that you can take the chastity off later. Maybe I will do it tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, or maybe never….”

Shafting through shit with Strapon Play


Heads up boys, and sissies, their nothing more unpleasant then shafting through shit with strap-on play.
Its all fair and well to think because I’m a women and I’ve raised children of my own in their infantile stage I’ve had my fair share of poo nappies and yes I have.

When it comes to Strap- on play it’s by far the worst as when you pull out you’re strap- on that’s covered in protection its covered in shit and
other times it get so messy when you doing anal stretching or fist-ing and the shit messes onto the towel that you are lying on below your ass.

As I’ve matured through the years I’ve started to advise anal players to give themselves a enema at least an hour before a Strap-on session booking.

Disposable Enemas are available a Dischem

Lenolax Enema Adult 135ml
for R 51.95

Its such a joy to session with boys and sissy who have been considerate, of this factor and are squeaky clean for strap- on play putting the effort in
for their Mistress to enjoy a full strap-on session without the mess.

So there you have it boys and sissies instructions from the Senior Strap-on Goddess
Flush the shit out and hour before before Strap-on play
Mistress Gail