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I started Pro Doming at the age of 26 years I am turning 50+ this years you can do the maths as to how long I have been a Professional Dominatrix and Mistress for?

Working abroad for a Month in New York City at Arena Productions under Mistress Leda and Mistress Carrie and then in the United Kingdom at Manchester Dungeon for two weeks in Burry.

I’m a firm believer is Safe, Sane, Consensual play regarding BDSM Activities.


I’m always in the process of growing and evolving in my professional and everyday life.

As I grew and evolved in my practice and profession I came to the realization that I was not only working with human sexuality, a client, a slave,
a submissive, other people money, energy, and resources.

I’m interacting communicating and working with another human being, an individual, who carries so many facets and aspects
to themselves as well, not just in the role and title We/ we were choosing to play in the Mistress slave dynamic

Intuition has played a vital to my profession as it allows me to read into a clients psyche of his/ her fantasy and fetishes

My practice and profession was by no means similar to the selling of insurance, food ,clothing, appliances ,or a cars.

My practice and profession is in the grey area of the sex industry dealing with eroticism and human sexuality carried a far deeper soul alchemy to it.

The human begin, the individual, the human psyche, the multifaceted human being.

My practice and profession was no longer just a service,that only carried only one level of expertise skill and experience to it
my practice and profession was a multi faced one.

Carrying healing and therapeutic properties to them as well allowing the slave/ submissive/ to grow and evolve
at their own paces and in doing so, allowing him, or her, to become comfortable in his own skin regarding their own
BDSM fetishes and activities that they carried inside themselves by letting go and unlearning the cultural conditioning belief system of shaming and self loathing We/ we all been taught to believe about Ourselves.

Growing and evolving into the dominatrix I noticed that I carried the personality trait of making men feel comfortable
and safe in my presences.

Certain walls around themselves dissipated and the mask that they wore to the world outside disappeared over a period of time in my presences.

For Me personally being the Dominatrix and Mistress is a natural authentic creative role that I enjoy
playing and take delight in..

I love the responses I get from a slave, or submissive, in a session their facial expressions
their body language regarding what I am saying or doing.

How the body responds to whatever implement I am using in a sessions and the soft gentle twitching of the body starting a lovely sight
to observe and behold nourishes Me creatively in a session.

Allowing Me to create my session play even more in a session with him, or her, making Me smile, laugh
with absolute joy, pleasure, at either their discomfort, pleasure, amazement, and awe.

It their not much responses in a session I find my flame of excitement, passion, joy delight, and pleasure
burns very dimly in a sessions and find those sessions very challenging to create and work with
its as if one has a dead fish in a session and choose not to session again with such folks.

Mistress Gail also chooses who She see for sessions booking if the dynamics does’nt feel right for Me I will let you know why speaking to you
telephonically that I will not be seeing you for a Sessions Booking.

“What do you enjoying doing the most in the scene “?
My reply is I enjoy all aspect of the scene the only aspect I do not enjoy is hectic enemas.

I love playing with both seasonal players as well as novices.

What I’m not okay with, is seeing New Dominatrixes enter the world of BDSM and charging and arm and leg for a BDSM sessions with very little skill, expertises equipment and experience behind them and do not practice Safe, Sane Consensual.SSC for Professional BDSM Sessions bookings.

What I do not enjoy is an inexperienced Novices Topping from the bottom and telling Me what to do in a sessions.

I find this extremely distasteful, and reflects a lack of mental, emotional, and physical trust, in himself
and Me as the experienced and skillful Dominatrix and Mistress in the Role I play.

The reason I use the word Role is due to the fact that this is only one aspect of the Self that ones Ego identifies itself with only your professional role and not the other aspects of Self that We/we moves into, such as Father, Mother, Daughter, Brother, Son, Sister, Lover, Friend, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend.

Mistress Gail see slaves and submissives that have an personal invested interest in their BDSM activities as well as themselves and
know that their is more to being a slave or submissive then just dropping their pants.

Dominate Regards
Mistress Gail

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