Tuesday, November 1, 2016



Goddess worship. That’s what it’s all about right?

You poor stupid men. You really are setting yourselves up for failure again and again. You don’t need a Woman to punish you. You do it to yourselves perfectly well enough.

Most likely, you have no idea what I am talking about, so let’s start at the beginning. Myself and many of My Mistress friends have a recurring problem with personal slaves. This problem is that they put Us on a pedestal and then when We don’t live up to their image of Feminine Perfection, the whole thing crumbles in one almighty mess. It just happened to Me a few days ago. And it wasn’t the first time. So I think it’s time for a bit of education for all you desperate boys who want nothing more than to kneel at the feet of a Woman.

There is a huge problem within our society, and that problem is pretty much “how men see Women”. As much as many of you call yourselves submissives, what actually happens with you is that you find one Woman on whom to devote all your fantasies about submission, elevating Her to the status of Goddess to be worshipped, and all other Women are whores. It’s an attitude that is so ingrained in western society that you might not even notice yourself thinking that way. Often, it comes from having a special relationship with your mother or some other motherly figure, having elevated her to the status of a virginal, wise, strong perfect woman, and then being distraught when other women don’t live up to her standard, thus lowering themselves beyond your ability to respect them.

Well let Me tell you a secret: There are a lot of things your mother has never told you about herself. She had to be strong in order to bring you up, only showing you her game face, because she wanted you to feel that you could rely on her. But you know what? Your mother has weaknesses. I bet you she got laid while you were growing up. I bet you she made mistakes. She probably got home drunk at night after you had gone to bed on more than one occasion. She most likely got her heart broken, had her moments of meanness towards people, maybe even took drugs when she left you with the babysitter. Parents hide a lot of things from their children. So sorry to break your fantasy, but your mother IS NOT the all perfect Virgin Mary.

Now that I have that cleared up, let’s look at the case in point. So… you find this Mistress who seems just perfect. She is beautiful, sexy, intelligent, just everything you have ever dreamed of. You visit her, and you can feel some deep connection. The way she speaks to you, touches you… it’s like she can see right into your soul! At that moment, you decide to devote yourself to her completely. You do everything you can to serve her, offering her money, gifts, services, everything. Finally, you have found the Goddess who is deserving of your worship! Sheer perfection! You throw yourself into servitude without a second thought. a month or two in, you are already making plans for a holiday together the next year. You are looking into the future, and it’s beautiful. The two of you walking off into the sunset, Her in front, you crawling behind on Her leash. She is so truly superior to you. Everything about Her deserves to be worshipped….

Then something happens… This Woman who was a Goddess in your eyes fucks up. Whether She has the wrong opinion about something, or you discover that She has a habit that does not fit into your ideal of perfection… or whether, like it was in My case, your illusions are crushed because you find out that She had sex with someone (Nope, definitely not a virgin Mary. Sorry but not sorry). You dreams are crushed and she is relegated to realm of mere mortals. You send Her bitter emails and text messages. Whereas before you used to capitalise everything to do with Her (You are my Mistress, or even better: YOU are my MISTRESS), to show Her how little regard you have for Her now that She has failed to live up to your unrealistic expectations, you make a point of writing to Her without any capitalisation whatsoever, and suddenly speaking to Her as an equal. You make a point of telling Her that She hurt your sensibilities, abused your trust etc… You are so hurt and indignant, and you feel your world crumbling around you. You thought this one woman would be your saving grace, would once more give you faith in Women, but now you see them for what they are, all of them. Nothing but a bunch of lying abusive users. Nothing but whores.

I am of course exaggerating things a little for the sake of getting a point across, but then again, maybe I’m not exaggerating that much.

I am going to tell you something now which is going to blow your little man world (as is My habit of doing)

If you are miserable, you have only yourself to blame. If She didn’t live up to your (unspoken, may I add) expectations, you have only yourself to blame. The sad truth is that nobody is perfect. Everybody has their flaws. And love is about learning to accept someone flaws and all. Not only that, but it’s all good and well building up an empire state building of expectations, but if you never communicate any of these to your Mistress, how the hell is She supposed to know what you are looking for? Also, I’m not telling you you should communicate your expectations to your Mistress. Lord no! In fact, you should NOT HAVE any expectations! How dare you expect someone, who is living their own life quite happily and doing you the service of taking you on as their slave, to live up to some half baked ideal about perfection that is not only completely unrealistic, but which you also never communicate in the first place? How dare you expect them to bend to your will? You want someone in your live who will do exactly everything you want how you want? Stop looking for a Mistress and get yourself a dog.

The End

PS: The moral of this story is twofold:

Number 1: Always communicate about FUCKING EVERYTHING. You have ZERO right to expect things from someone that you have not both already agreed to specifically in verbal or written from

Number 2: Women are human beings. Worship Us like Goddesses by all means. But do not expect Us to ACTUALLY BE Goddesses.

The Real End. For Realz, yo.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

My session of cross-dressing bondage, nipple play, electro play, anal play,& prostrate play with Miss Gail

It had been a while since I had visited a Pro Dom and I was really looking forward to seeing Mistress Gail again for a session. Mistress had accommodated my wish of giving me an hour to get ready in and present myself to Mistress.

I already had my full stocking body suit on which still had my nipples and clitty open for Mistress hands, nails,& toys to find their mark on. Clipping up my hair I applied my make up.

Mistress had given me a divine pair of open heeled high sandals to wear which would match my outfit perfectly. I had chosen my leather skirt and a beautiful black corset that had been especially custom made for me.

I was looking forward to my session of bondage, nipple play, electro play, anal play, and prostrate play with Miss Gail. Mistress had a new toy in her dungeon an anal hook that Mistress was eager herself to christen on me.

I was Instructed to call Mistress once I was completely transformed into my feminine persona going down on my knees with my hands behind my back I let Mistress know I was ready it was time for sessions play to start. Mistress walked into the room and looked directly at me I hoped that I would be presentable for Mistress.

Stand up sissy I heard Mistress say let have a look at you first, I was not into verbal humiliation and knew whole hearty that Mistress would not be incorporating that into our/Our sessions play today.

Hmm Nice sissy as Miss inspected me from head to toe restraints were placed around my hands and feet and i was lead to the bondage pole my hands were then clipped to the bondage eye and soft ropes found their way around my arms and belly.

yes please i moaned inside myself as the ropes tightened their grip around my arms. rsz_2016-09-17_11_bondage.jpg I had always wanted to be tied up this way in bondage with my arms pulled completely back with bondage ropes and there it was. Mistress had intuitively know with no words spoken from me. Soft rope found their way around my feet securing me tighter to the bondage pole.

Mistress then moved my corset and bra out of the way using her black and red peg to do so. My nipples were now exposed for Mistress fingers slowly started to tweak my nipples back and forth in a rhythmical flow between Mistress fingers my nipples went as I groaned silently inside myself and my clit started to harder even more. Soft lips found their way around my nipples licking and teasing my nipples even more and softly nibbling and biting them every now and again a moan escape my lips as I moaned in ecstasy of my erotic torment.

I was getting wetter and more aroused by the minute as Mistress played with my nipples with a sadistic glint in her eyes. Once Mistress had her fill of nipple play Mistress released me from the bondage pole and bent me over her punishment bench restraining me to it.
i now fully exposed with my ass in the air to experience what ever Mistress had in store for me next.

My pussy was lubricated with some lube and fingers found their way into my pussy fingers fucking me with latex gloves first making sure I was completely ready and something cold found its way into my pussy the sensation from warm to cold was delirious sensational and what ever was placed inside my pussy just slipped inside. Oh my word what’s that !!! the feeling had intensified inside my pussy feeling like I was going to have a g-spot orgasm right there.

Mistress I feel like I want to come, No not yet sissy let get you upright quickly now that the anal hook has been inserted into you’re pussy. rsz_2016-09-17_11miss_gail.jpg i was quickly unrestrained from the punishment bench and moved towards a chain hanging down from the ceiling a clip was placed at the end of the chain and a spreader bar was clipped onto the chains my hands were once again restrained in bondage and the anal hook was then looped into the center part of the spreader bar securing the anal hook neatly in place and the rest of the rope was entwined around my feminine waist

The intensity of orgasming has lessened as Mistress was a firm believer in delayed gratification and i was only given permission to come when Mistress said so and not before then. i was still feeling it a spreader bar was then placed around my feet spreading my legs slightly wider apart my hands and feet had been restrained again and electro pads were placed onto my clitty heightening every sensation I was experiencing raising my sexual energy even more as Mistress increasing the electro machine setting taking pleasure in my discomfort and torment and teasing me even further.

The electro pads were then removed from my clitty and I was released from the spreader bars on my arms and feet and instructed to lie down on the bondage table my hands securely restrained to the bondage table a chains was clipped onto my leg restraints and clipped onto the St Andrew cross a spreader bar was placed in between my legs to make sure that my legs were kept wide apart and that I was completely immobilised again.

Mistress then adored her strap-on and sat down on the bondage table and slow started to penetrate me with her cock her hips rocking back and forth as she fucked me in out of my pussy Mistress cock went the anal hook had worked it magic and before I knew it the build of intensity that i had experienced before with the anal hook came flooding back at me increasing its arousal even more on my male prostrate gland and male g-spot with me orgasming inside myself as Mistress knew I would our/Our session play had come to a close.

Usually after a session I’m quick to have a shower and leave this time round I was so relaxed that I spent some time chatting to Mistress Gail before i entered the world again.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Nine degrees of submission. Something to ponder and reflect upon !



The Nine Degrees of Submission are important to understand. Like
any other relationship, there are boundaries. Think of the straight
people you know.

Sometimes the man rules the roost.Other times it’s the woman.
But most always, one has a little more power than the other.
It varies from couple to couple. So why is it that most
gay and lesbian men and women expect our relationships to be
completely 50/50? No other group is.

Naturally, all humans have it programmed in their heads to be either Dominate or submissive
on some level or another.
Obviously, if you’re reading this, you don’t fall into the vanilla category, but you may not
fall into the most extreme one either. I urge you to read and understand each level and find where you fit in.

Also remember, just because today you fit into say level 3, after proper training you may find you are level 7.

1. THE KINKY SENSUALIST - The kinky sensualist is not a trained sub. There
is no servitude, humiliation or giving up control. This level is just “spiced up
sensuality”. This is the first step beyond vanilla.

2. PSEUDO SUBMISSIVE NON-SLAVE – The Pseudo Submissive Non-Slave is not
even into “playing” slave but into other submissive role-playing such as school
teacher scenes, infantilism, “forced” transvestism. Usually into humiliation inter-
action to a large degree.

3. PSEUDO-SUBMISSIVE PLAY SLAVE – The Pseudo-Submissive Play Slave likes
to play at being a slave; likes to feel subservient; might, in some cases, like to
feel one is being “used” to gratify partner. May even really serve the dominant in
some ways, but only on the “slave’s” own terms. Dictates the interaction to a large

4.TRUE SUBMISSIVE - NON SLAVE –The True Submissive, Non-Slave really gives up
control (though only temporarily and within agreed-upon limits),
but gets her/his main satisfaction from aspects of submission, other than serving or being used by the dominant.
Usually turned on by suspense, vulnerability, and/or giving up responsibility.
Doesn’t dictate the scene except in very general terms, but still seeks mainly his/her own direct pleasure
(rather than getting one’s pleasure mainly from pleasing dominant).

5. SUBMISSIVE PLAY SLAVE – The Submissive Play Slave really gives up control
(though only temporarily, within limits) and gets main satisfaction from serving
dominant – but only for FUN purposes, usually erotic. May or may not be into pain.
If so, is turned on by pain indirectly, i.e. enjoys partner’s pleasure, on which the
submissive places very few requirements or restrictions.

really gives up control (usually within limits). Wants to serve and be enslaved by the
dominant; wants to provide practical/non-erotic as well as fun/erotic services; but
only when the “slave” is in the mood. May even act as a full-time slave for, say,
several days at a time, but is free to quit at any time (or at the end of agreed
upon several days). May or may not have long term relationship. Either way, the
“slave” has the final say over when he will serve.

7. PART-TIME CONSENSUAL, BUT REAL SLAVE – This slave has an ongoing
commitment to an owner/slave relationship and regards oneself as the dominant’s
property at all times. Wants to obey and please dominant in all aspects of life,
practical/non-erotic and fun/erotic. Devotes most of time to other commitments
(e.g. job, kids) but dominant has first pick of the slave’s free time. This is a live-in

8. FULL TIME LIVE IN CONSENSUAL SLAVE – Within no more that an few broad limits/
requirements, the slave regards himself as existing solely for the Dom’s pleasure/well
being. Slave expects to be regarded as a prized possession. Not much different from
the situation of the traditional housewife, except that within the S/M world the slave’s
position is more likely to be fully consensual. Within the S/M world, a full time slave
“arrangement” is entered into with explicit awareness of the magnitude of power that
is being given up, and hence is usually entered into much more carefully, with more
awareness of the possible dangers, and with much clearer and more specific agreements.

9. CONSENSUAL TOTAL SLAVE WITH NO LIMITS– This is a common fantasy ideal.
Probably doesn’t exist in real life (accept in authoritarian religious cults and other
situations where the consent is induced by social or economic pressures, and hence
isn’t fully consensual). A few SM purists will insist that you aren’t really a slave unless
you’re willing to do absolutely anything for your Dom, with no limits. This is the most
difficult level to achieve, however; it is the most common fantasy. One would be required
to cut off contact with his previous live including friends and family.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

An interesting site that Mistress just found recently. The History and study of caning paddling, birching, strapping, slippering, spanking, flogging) throughout the world, in history and in the present day.


This is an independent, non-profit, factual website devoted to the study of corporal punishment (e.g. caning, paddling, birching, strapping, slippering, spanking, flogging) throughout the world, in history and in the present day.

Its main purpose is to provide objective information and background about this social and cultural phenomenon which has been a significant part of life for thousands of years.

It is NOT designed to promote particular opinions about corporal punishment. It is NOT part of any campaign for or against anything. It has no connection with any organisation. Nor is it an interactive forum for on-line debate on the issue (there are plenty of those elsewhere).

As to whether corporal punishment is a good thing or a bad thing, readers must make up their own minds, but please don’t write to me about it.

There is also an expanding selection of video clips.

Spanking has different meanings in British and US English. In UK usage it has hitherto referred only to smacking the recipient’s bottom with the open hand. It certainly could not be used to mean paddling or caning or using any other kind of implement to deliver the punishment. In North American English, however, it is so used, and can refer to more or less any kind of CP. The American meaning is now beginning to seep into some British/European usage, but texts written by me will stick to the traditional British definition except where they are part of an article entirely about American CP.

Note however that “whacking” can mean different things in other parts of the world. For instance, when Singapore schoolboys talk about whacking, they are referring to beating each other up in fights; they do not use it to refer to school CP, which they always describe as caning.

Abbreviations. The one abbreviation used constantly throughout this site is CP, for corporal punishment. “JCP” means judicial corporal punishment. “SCP”, for school corporal punishment, has been glimpsed elsewhere on the internet but does not yet seem to have caught on, and is not much used here.

It should also be noted that the punishment cane used in British Commonwealth and European schools is/was always a thin, flexible one (typically of rattan). The modern use (especially in American English) of the word “cane” to mean a thick, rigid stick such as a walking stick (as in “white cane” for the blind, “candy cane”, etc.) seems to be leading some people to have the wrong idea about the nature of caning as a punishment.

The slipper is often a misnomer. A slippering in a UK school was sometimes a very informal and even jocular affair, but could equally be a punishment of the “semi-formal but unofficial” kind — in some cases as painful an ordeal as a caning, and in many schools a good deal more common than official canings. It was actually inflicted, more often than not, with a large tennis shoe or gymshoe, a much weightier implement than the domestic carpet slipper. The latter was mostly used parentally in the home.

Whipping was traditionally the word used in British legal texts to refer to judicial corporal punishment. It continued to be so used until JCP was abolished, even though the instrument used had long ceased to be a whip. In Britain itself, after about 1850, it usually in fact meant birching, and a distinction is sometimes drawn between “whipping” (with a birch) and “flogging” (with a cat). In countries of the former British Empire, “whipping” in legal texts usually means JCP with whatever is the local instrument — often a cane, as in Malaysia and several African countries. Singapore is unusual in having substituted the word “caning” for “whipping” in its more recent legislation.

A reformatory here means any residential institution for young offenders, whether or not the word forms part of its official name. Unfortunately, in some North American contexts, particularly in Canada, it sometimes seems to mean a prison for (young) adults. These latter are counted as prisons for the purposes of this site.

Readers should also note the peculiarly opaque term “Approved School” from 1933 onwards in the UK; these were always officially described as not being reformatories (I think this was because they were “open” and not secure, i.e. it was easy to abscond from them), but for all practical purposes that is exactly what they were, not schools.

Also, in a number of countries, including Britain and Canada, it can sometimes be difficult to discuss Prison CP separately from Judicial CP because the judicial CP (or anyway some of it) was carried out in prisons under the same regulations as the prison CP.

Countries. Much of the information on the site is organised by country. As a general rule, for the sake of simplicity I have used the present-day names of countries even where the items concerned date from a time when the country was called something else. This won’t always work for historical material from places where boundaries have substantially changed (Poland) or where a present-day country was once part of some other country that itself still exists (Ireland/UK; Pakistan/India). I have judged each such case on its merits and tried to follow the dictates of common sense.

Jurisdictions. In the case of fully federal countries like the USA, Canada, Malaysia, Australia or Germany, I have categorised news items under those names rather than under individual states or provinces, even if the individual states are for many purposes separate legal jurisdictions. However, where there is a lot of material and it seems particularly appropriate — as in the US school handbook pages, and certain information in the Country Files section — I have subdivided it by individual state. This is not always entirely satisfactory, but life is never perfect.

Technical and legal issues

This website is designed to load fast and to work on all browsers. Simplicity is the watchword. There is a deliberate absence of java scripts, pointless graphics, annoying animations, confusing clutter and silly gimmicks of all kinds. The site contains no pull-down menus (you should be able to navigate all my pages without a mouse, if you really need to) and absolutely NO FRAMES. What you see is what you get. If you get lost, you can always go back to the front page (”main menu page”) by clicking on the Corpun logo at the top left of every page.

No advertisingThere is no advertising on this site. There is nothing for sale. It does not seek donations. It generates no revenue of any kind. It is funded entirely out of my own pocket. This puts the fact that it is a non-profit site beyond doubt, which means that I can quote external material under the “fair use” doctrine without getting copyright permission. It also means that I am not beholden to anybody.

All hyperlinks are underlined, and everything underlined is a link.

The site contains over 2,000 external hyperlinks. These are all checked every three or four months and weeded or updated as appropriate. External links open in a new window. This symbol denotes an external link that will open in a new window.


Friday, April 8, 2016

Locked Cock Experiences A Tease & Denied Cock Tease

Locked for Mistress Gail
“Own the cock Own the man”

Written and Published by Mistress Gail / Gail Hill April 2016

I’ve always found chastity to be a erotic hot form of play and having a cocked locked for you what an absolute pleasure that would be especially from my own ego aspect of self as well as Own the cock own the man.
In the beginning of the year I received a call from a soft spoken man asking Me if I would be keen on exploring chastity with him. My reply to his question was buy the device first once you have the device We/ we can speak about the topic of chastity again.

Slave :A week goes by not a word from the soft spoken gentlemen aah just another wally wannabe is what I think to myself. The following week I received a call from the soft spoken gentleman. Mistress Gail the device has arrived and I don’t know how to put this device on his voice is in a state of panic. As we/ WE were not dealing with a plastic cb6000 it was one of those solid metal devices.

Mistress Gail : Are you trying to put the device on elect or flaccid ? erect Miss that not going to work slave ? Become flaccid first before putting the device on. Use Also use lots of Vaseline on you cock and ball and the device before attempting to lock your cock and balls into it. Yes Miss Will speak to you again once you have locked your cock and balls into the device slave. Yes Miss and telephone conversation ends.

The next day I received a call Mistress i have locked the device onto my cock and balls Oh goodie eventually ho hum I wonder if this is for real or not that he’s locked and that he genuine sincere about chastity !!!!!
Will just have to wait and see let put him thought a test drive first.
Now wear the device for five days solid first with you having the key first to see if you genuine sincere about exploring chastity with Mistress Gail. Yes Miss.

Today Monday slave that you have locked yourself into chastity on Saturday you have permission to contact Mistress telephonic-ally for her residential address and to drop of your chastity keys for Mistress to become your key-holder and owner. Yes Miss. Hmm thinking to my-self I wonder if he’s going to make it or not ? Or if he’s going to cheat will just have to wait and see wont We hmm mm.

slave : Five days pass without a word on Saturday My cellphone rings Mistress I’m ready to drop the keys of with you now.

Mistress Gail: you are slave and I give out my residential address to my new chastity slave which is also a first for Mistress as well.
Well here goes lets see what transpires this morning shall We.

slave dearest arrives okay here goes taking slave onto the deck in the back yard would you like a cup of coffee slave Yes Miss will be with you in a sec oh by the way how many sugar and how many spoons of coffee two coffee Miss and three sugar leaving slave on the deck I make us some coffee. Sitting on the chairs on the deck we drink our coffee in silence. Once our coffee is drunk I look directly at my new chastity slave saying drop your pants slave so that I can inspect you locked cock in your new chastity device slave,
Yes Miss. What a delightful sight!!!

rsz_cyqezxgwkaa9dy5_1miss-gail-locked-cock.jpg rsz_1rsz_2015-12-19_10_lock_cocks_keys_miss_gai-5l_owner.jpg

A cocked locked for Me that cannot fuck anything, or jerk off how delicious hot is that !!!!That’s all going to be mine in a split second how erotically kinky and sexually appealing that is. Takes a lots of guts and balls to trust another person a Dom-me with your own family prized possessions

Inspect my new chastity slave cock locked in his new metal device im loving what my eyes are seeing. You have permission to pull you pants up now slave. Yes Miss. Are you ready to hand your keys over to Miss Gail as your Owner and Key-holder now slave ? Yes Miss I am and the keys are pulled out of woo- fie pocket and handed to Me.

Should you chicken out at any time you will have to pay a tribute of R200.00 to be unlocked and your tribute which We/ we discussed earlier for Miss to become your key-holder and owner now are the tiles that you have just bought for Miss bathroom floor. Yes Miss may I go and collect them from my car ? Yes you may woo fie. Woo fie comes back and presents the titles to Me they beautiful will have fun laying them down in my bathroom in time to come woo- fie.

For the next four working day I make sure I have woo fie undivided attentions of focusing on Me 24/7 and relentless tormenting and teasing him erotically with the sweet seductions of words and images making sure woo-fie completely ready for his tease and denial that still to come on Friday morning which hes completely unaware off..
On Friday at 9 am woo- fie is instructed to reports to My chambers at 10 am its time for some edge play and some tease and denial this is going to be fun. Let see how this unfolds wicked grin.

woo-fie arrives promptly at 10 am and is instructed to enter My dungeon and chamber. Remove all your clothes woo-fie and place them neatly on the chair making sure that your shoes are under the chair. I will be with you in a moment. Yes Miss. Five Minutes passes and the dungeon door open Mistress is dressed in leather pants, leather boots and a corset, Looking directly at me Mistress takes her locked cock slaves keys out of her leather pants pocket.

On your fours in My presences woo-fie and remove the device from your cock Yes Miss I replied with me thinking to myself wft is happening iv e read about some forms of tease and denial online not sure what going to happen now.

I slowly unlock the device placing the device and keys in Miss open hand Miss takes them and places them on the small table at the right hand side of the chair. I resume my slave position on my fours again waiting for Miss next instruction. Miss then walks towards Me saying looking at Me slave as she gently cups my face in her hand putting some lube on that limp willy of yours slave, Yes Miss and no stroking till I give you permission to do so. Just make sure that limp dick of yours is well lubricated woo-fie.

i processed to lubricate my cock which was flaccid and went to rock hard in a few seconds. Hmm that a major improvement slave Now we going to get you to stroke your cock under Mistress Instruction counting to seven slave lets begin shall we /We slave.
We not going to mention how this is done that one of Mistress tricks of the trade,if you feel in any way that you want to come you are to say Edge and remove you hand from your cock immediately slave is that understood slave ? Yes Miss.

Mistress started to count one as I stroked my cock I still had not heard two as
Mistress sits down on her chair smoking Her cigarette rsz_11rsz_2img-20160411-wa0002-mg-miss-blog-april-2016.jpg
Her eyes constantly observing my process. I have not held my cock in my hands for two week and this was heavenly to be able to touch myself again. Oh my word what was I thinking I was here to serve, honor, please, and obey, Mistress Focus prove your worth slave to Mistress Gail.

Six slave a huge pause seven remove your hand slave Yes Mistress. Hmm not bad for a cock that been locked for two weeks slave ! Thank you Miss. I wouldn’t get to ecstatic If I where you dear boy!!!!!!!!! Mistress is going to make your task and slave training t’s a wee bit more complexed for you now.

Mistress stand up from her chair walking towards me I hear her say place your hands behind your back in mental bondage dear boy good now face the wall slave till I give you permission to turn round. A dog collar is placed around my neck with a long chair attached to it and fixed onto to the wench and tackle my back is now turned to Mistress with my hands behind my back in mental bondage.

you have permission to turn round slave and crawl toward me on your four like a good puppy dog. As I turn round to crawl towards Mistress[ I am presented with a delectable round bum as I said dear boy I’m not going to make this easy for you at all.rsz_rsz_img-20160407-_bum_worship_miss_gail.jpg Start worshiping my delectable bum and I’m going to start counting as you stroke your cock again for Miss lick and kiss slave and no slobbering or drooling like a dog only butterfly kisses will do is that understood slave ? Yes Miss I had hardly even got to three and said Edge Mistress.

Miss turns round to look at me Oh dear dear toy looks like Miss has worked you up to fast already !!!!!! Is your’e hand off your cock dear toy Yes Miss. Now get your nose in there and inhale my aroma slave no touching your cock without Miss permission. Yes Miss Now sniff my aroma like the dog that you are slave take in the scent of my aroma inhale it deep into your lungs for Miss. Ah that good can you smell me slave Yes Miss now remove your nose slave.

Now seeing that you are so well lubricated on your cock I have a little surprise for you back into your cage you go dear locked cock that more then enough excited for one day.

As Edge play is a training to teach you how to control your orgasm under Miss Instructions. Oh no Miss Please don’t stop its so wonderful to be unlocked again I don’t want to be locked again please Mistress.

Hmm am I hearing hesitation in your voice slave do you want Mistress to be your key-holder and owner or not ? Or do you want to forfeit your two week chastity training or not slave ?
you have two Minutes to make up your mind slave counting now as Miss looks down at her watch not saying another word to me. My heads swirling i’m in a daze I always wanted to explore this ?i’m also aching to come too.
you’re two minutes are up what it going to be dear toy Yes or No ? as Miss glares at me with a deadly stern look on her face. Yes Miss locked for you Miss.

Miss smiles and bend down on her knees in front of me with the device in her hand pulling both of my ball through the metal ring once they in Miss then pushes my cock down into the same ring that my ball are in. Only the cage is left the two metal pins have to be lined up first before the center pin can be locked in. Miss puts here fingers underneath the cage making sure that the pin are not biting my cock the pins clip together and the lock is placed into the central pin and locked.

That was such a rush and turn on for me for Miss to lock me back into my cage.
Miss kisses me on my cheek well done dear boy and takes a chain out of her leather pocket places a key onto the chain and then clips the chain around her neck.

Devious Regards
Miss Gail

Written and Published by Mistress Gail April 2016

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