Friday, April 8, 2016

Locked Cock Experiences A Tease & Denied Cock Tease

Locked for Mistress Gail
“Own the cock Own the man”

Written and Published by Mistress Gail / Gail Hill April 2016

I’ve always found chastity to be a erotic hot form of play and having a cocked locked for you what an absolute pleasure that would be especially from my own ego aspect of self as well as Own the cock own the man.
In the beginning of the year I received a call from a soft spoken man asking Me if I would be keen on exploring chastity with him. My reply to his question was buy the device first once you have the device We/ we can speak about the topic of chastity again.

Slave :A week goes by not a word from the soft spoken gentlemen aah just another wally wannabe is what I think to myself. The following week I received a call from the soft spoken gentleman. Mistress Gail the device has arrived and I don’t know how to put this device on his voice is in a state of panic. As we/ WE were not dealing with a plastic cb6000 it was one of those solid metal devices.

Mistress Gail : Are you trying to put the device on elect or flaccid ? erect Miss that not going to work slave ? Become flaccid first before putting the device on. Use Also use lots of Vaseline on you cock and ball and the device before attempting to lock your cock and balls into it. Yes Miss Will speak to you again once you have locked your cock and balls into the device slave. Yes Miss and telephone conversation ends.

The next day I received a call Mistress i have locked the device onto my cock and balls Oh goodie eventually ho hum I wonder if this is for real or not that he’s locked and that he genuine sincere about chastity !!!!!
Will just have to wait and see let put him thought a test drive first.
Now wear the device for five days solid first with you having the key first to see if you genuine sincere about exploring chastity with Mistress Gail. Yes Miss.

Today Monday slave that you have locked yourself into chastity on Saturday you have permission to contact Mistress telephonic-ally for her residential address and to drop of your chastity keys for Mistress to become your key-holder and owner. Yes Miss. Hmm thinking to my-self I wonder if he’s going to make it or not ? Or if he’s going to cheat will just have to wait and see wont We hmm mm.

slave : Five days pass without a word on Saturday My cellphone rings Mistress I’m ready to drop the keys of with you now.

Mistress Gail: you are slave and I give out my residential address to my new chastity slave which is also a first for Mistress as well.
Well here goes lets see what transpires this morning shall We.

slave dearest arrives okay here goes taking slave onto the deck in the back yard would you like a cup of coffee slave Yes Miss will be with you in a sec oh by the way how many sugar and how many spoons of coffee two coffee Miss and three sugar leaving slave on the deck I make us some coffee. Sitting on the chairs on the deck we drink our coffee in silence. Once our coffee is drunk I look directly at my new chastity slave saying drop your pants slave so that I can inspect you locked cock in your new chastity device slave,
Yes Miss. What a delightful sight!!!

rsz_cyqezxgwkaa9dy5_1miss-gail-locked-cock.jpg rsz_1rsz_2015-12-19_10_lock_cocks_keys_miss_gai-5l_owner.jpg

A cocked locked for Me that cannot fuck anything, or jerk off how delicious hot is that !!!!That’s all going to be mine in a split second how erotically kinky and sexually appealing that is. Takes a lots of guts and balls to trust another person a Dom-me with your own family prized possessions

Inspect my new chastity slave cock locked in his new metal device im loving what my eyes are seeing. You have permission to pull you pants up now slave. Yes Miss. Are you ready to hand your keys over to Miss Gail as your Owner and Key-holder now slave ? Yes Miss I am and the keys are pulled out of woo- fie pocket and handed to Me.

Should you chicken out at any time you will have to pay a tribute of R200.00 to be unlocked and your tribute which We/ we discussed earlier for Miss to become your key-holder and owner now are the tiles that you have just bought for Miss bathroom floor. Yes Miss may I go and collect them from my car ? Yes you may woo fie. Woo fie comes back and presents the titles to Me they beautiful will have fun laying them down in my bathroom in time to come woo- fie.

For the next four working day I make sure I have woo fie undivided attentions of focusing on Me 24/7 and relentless tormenting and teasing him erotically with the sweet seductions of words and images making sure woo-fie completely ready for his tease and denial that still to come on Friday morning which hes completely unaware off..
On Friday at 9 am woo- fie is instructed to reports to My chambers at 10 am its time for some edge play and some tease and denial this is going to be fun. Let see how this unfolds wicked grin.

woo-fie arrives promptly at 10 am and is instructed to enter My dungeon and chamber. Remove all your clothes woo-fie and place them neatly on the chair making sure that your shoes are under the chair. I will be with you in a moment. Yes Miss. Five Minutes passes and the dungeon door open Mistress is dressed in leather pants, leather boots and a corset, Looking directly at me Mistress takes her locked cock slaves keys out of her leather pants pocket.

On your fours in My presences woo-fie and remove the device from your cock Yes Miss I replied with me thinking to myself wft is happening iv e read about some forms of tease and denial online not sure what going to happen now.

I slowly unlock the device placing the device and keys in Miss open hand Miss takes them and places them on the small table at the right hand side of the chair. I resume my slave position on my fours again waiting for Miss next instruction. Miss then walks towards Me saying looking at Me slave as she gently cups my face in her hand putting some lube on that limp willy of yours slave, Yes Miss and no stroking till I give you permission to do so. Just make sure that limp dick of yours is well lubricated woo-fie.

i processed to lubricate my cock which was flaccid and went to rock hard in a few seconds. Hmm that a major improvement slave Now we going to get you to stroke your cock under Mistress Instruction counting to seven slave lets begin shall we /We slave.
We not going to mention how this is done that one of Mistress tricks of the trade,if you feel in any way that you want to come you are to say Edge and remove you hand from your cock immediately slave is that understood slave ? Yes Miss.

Mistress started to count one as I stroked my cock I still had not heard two as
Mistress sits down on her chair smoking Her cigarette rsz_11rsz_2img-20160411-wa0002-mg-miss-blog-april-2016.jpg
Her eyes constantly observing my process. I have not held my cock in my hands for two week and this was heavenly to be able to touch myself again. Oh my word what was I thinking I was here to serve, honor, please, and obey, Mistress Focus prove your worth slave to Mistress Gail.

Six slave a huge pause seven remove your hand slave Yes Mistress. Hmm not bad for a cock that been locked for two weeks slave ! Thank you Miss. I wouldn’t get to ecstatic If I where you dear boy!!!!!!!!! Mistress is going to make your task and slave training t’s a wee bit more complexed for you now.

Mistress stand up from her chair walking towards me I hear her say place your hands behind your back in mental bondage dear boy good now face the wall slave till I give you permission to turn round. A dog collar is placed around my neck with a long chair attached to it and fixed onto to the wench and tackle my back is now turned to Mistress with my hands behind my back in mental bondage.

you have permission to turn round slave and crawl toward me on your four like a good puppy dog. As I turn round to crawl towards Mistress[ I am presented with a delectable round bum as I said dear boy I’m not going to make this easy for you at all.rsz_rsz_img-20160407-_bum_worship_miss_gail.jpg Start worshiping my delectable bum and I’m going to start counting as you stroke your cock again for Miss lick and kiss slave and no slobbering or drooling like a dog only butterfly kisses will do is that understood slave ? Yes Miss I had hardly even got to three and said Edge Mistress.

Miss turns round to look at me Oh dear dear toy looks like Miss has worked you up to fast already !!!!!! Is your’e hand off your cock dear toy Yes Miss. Now get your nose in there and inhale my aroma slave no touching your cock without Miss permission. Yes Miss Now sniff my aroma like the dog that you are slave take in the scent of my aroma inhale it deep into your lungs for Miss. Ah that good can you smell me slave Yes Miss now remove your nose slave.

Now seeing that you are so well lubricated on your cock I have a little surprise for you back into your cage you go dear locked cock that more then enough excited for one day.

As Edge play is a training to teach you how to control your orgasm under Miss Instructions. Oh no Miss Please don’t stop its so wonderful to be unlocked again I don’t want to be locked again please Mistress.

Hmm am I hearing hesitation in your voice slave do you want Mistress to be your key-holder and owner or not ? Or do you want to forfeit your two week chastity training or not slave ?
you have two Minutes to make up your mind slave counting now as Miss looks down at her watch not saying another word to me. My heads swirling i’m in a daze I always wanted to explore this ?i’m also aching to come too.
you’re two minutes are up what it going to be dear toy Yes or No ? as Miss glares at me with a deadly stern look on her face. Yes Miss locked for you Miss.

Miss smiles and bend down on her knees in front of me with the device in her hand pulling both of my ball through the metal ring once they in Miss then pushes my cock down into the same ring that my ball are in. Only the cage is left the two metal pins have to be lined up first before the center pin can be locked in. Miss puts here fingers underneath the cage making sure that the pin are not biting my cock the pins clip together and the lock is placed into the central pin and locked.

That was such a rush and turn on for me for Miss to lock me back into my cage.
Miss kisses me on my cheek well done dear boy and takes a chain out of her leather pocket places a key onto the chain and then clips the chain around her neck.

Devious Regards
Miss Gail

Written and Published by Mistress Gail April 2016 Protection Status