Sunday, September 25, 2016

My session of cross-dressing bondage, nipple play, electro play, anal play,& prostrate play with Miss Gail

It had been a while since I had visited a Pro Dom and I was really looking forward to seeing Mistress Gail again for a session. Mistress had accommodated my wish of giving me an hour to get ready in and present myself to Mistress.

I already had my full stocking body suit on which still had my nipples and clitty open for Mistress hands, nails,& toys to find their mark on. Clipping up my hair I applied my make up.

Mistress had given me a divine pair of open heeled high sandals to wear which would match my outfit perfectly. I had chosen my leather skirt and a beautiful black corset that had been especially custom made for me.

I was looking forward to my session of bondage, nipple play, electro play, anal play, and prostrate play with Miss Gail. Mistress had a new toy in her dungeon an anal hook that Mistress was eager herself to christen on me.

I was Instructed to call Mistress once I was completely transformed into my feminine persona going down on my knees with my hands behind my back I let Mistress know I was ready it was time for sessions play to start. Mistress walked into the room and looked directly at me I hoped that I would be presentable for Mistress.

Stand up sissy I heard Mistress say let have a look at you first, I was not into verbal humiliation and knew whole hearty that Mistress would not be incorporating that into our/Our sessions play today.

Hmm Nice sissy as Miss inspected me from head to toe restraints were placed around my hands and feet and i was lead to the bondage pole my hands were then clipped to the bondage eye and soft ropes found their way around my arms and belly.

yes please i moaned inside myself as the ropes tightened their grip around my arms. rsz_2016-09-17_11_bondage.jpg I had always wanted to be tied up this way in bondage with my arms pulled completely back with bondage ropes and there it was. Mistress had intuitively know with no words spoken from me. Soft rope found their way around my feet securing me tighter to the bondage pole.

Mistress then moved my corset and bra out of the way using her black and red peg to do so. My nipples were now exposed for Mistress fingers slowly started to tweak my nipples back and forth in a rhythmical flow between Mistress fingers my nipples went as I groaned silently inside myself and my clit started to harder even more. Soft lips found their way around my nipples licking and teasing my nipples even more and softly nibbling and biting them every now and again a moan escape my lips as I moaned in ecstasy of my erotic torment.

I was getting wetter and more aroused by the minute as Mistress played with my nipples with a sadistic glint in her eyes. Once Mistress had her fill of nipple play Mistress released me from the bondage pole and bent me over her punishment bench restraining me to it.
i now fully exposed with my ass in the air to experience what ever Mistress had in store for me next.

My pussy was lubricated with some lube and fingers found their way into my pussy fingers fucking me with latex gloves first making sure I was completely ready and something cold found its way into my pussy the sensation from warm to cold was delirious sensational and what ever was placed inside my pussy just slipped inside. Oh my word what’s that !!! the feeling had intensified inside my pussy feeling like I was going to have a g-spot orgasm right there.

Mistress I feel like I want to come, No not yet sissy let get you upright quickly now that the anal hook has been inserted into you’re pussy. rsz_2016-09-17_11miss_gail.jpg i was quickly unrestrained from the punishment bench and moved towards a chain hanging down from the ceiling a clip was placed at the end of the chain and a spreader bar was clipped onto the chains my hands were once again restrained in bondage and the anal hook was then looped into the center part of the spreader bar securing the anal hook neatly in place and the rest of the rope was entwined around my feminine waist

The intensity of orgasming has lessened as Mistress was a firm believer in delayed gratification and i was only given permission to come when Mistress said so and not before then. i was still feeling it a spreader bar was then placed around my feet spreading my legs slightly wider apart my hands and feet had been restrained again and electro pads were placed onto my clitty heightening every sensation I was experiencing raising my sexual energy even more as Mistress increasing the electro machine setting taking pleasure in my discomfort and torment and teasing me even further.

The electro pads were then removed from my clitty and I was released from the spreader bars on my arms and feet and instructed to lie down on the bondage table my hands securely restrained to the bondage table a chains was clipped onto my leg restraints and clipped onto the St Andrew cross a spreader bar was placed in between my legs to make sure that my legs were kept wide apart and that I was completely immobilised again.

Mistress then adored her strap-on and sat down on the bondage table and slow started to penetrate me with her cock her hips rocking back and forth as she fucked me in out of my pussy Mistress cock went the anal hook had worked it magic and before I knew it the build of intensity that i had experienced before with the anal hook came flooding back at me increasing its arousal even more on my male prostrate gland and male g-spot with me orgasming inside myself as Mistress knew I would our/Our session play had come to a close.

Usually after a session I’m quick to have a shower and leave this time round I was so relaxed that I spent some time chatting to Mistress Gail before i entered the world again. Protection Status