Thursday, June 29, 2017

An Uncommon Dialogue, My Journey, Story & Life’s Experience.


An Uncommon Dialogue, My Journey, Story & Life’s Experience, what I am sharing is my own life experience.

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I woke up one morning and starting creating this website, for me personally this is like everything that I do creatively in my life, I have no plans in my head it just happens and I find myself there.

Starting off firstly as bdsm mistress ads that I created as a sub domain of my own website speaking to Mistress Jackie in Durban she gave me feedback asking me if there was any possibility that it could be a site all on it own? I responded with it can be done that means I would have to register the site as a new site with a new domain name.

I will give my Service Provider a call next week and see what they have to say and how much it will cost to have a new domain registered with a new web hosting package.

What do you think of Calling the web site elite mistresses? as the name just popped into my head and the name was agreed upon? Reflecting upon the name it’s the same as the E that I choose in this lifetime E for erotic and E or esoteric.
Same pattern and cycle with fetishroleplay and the name popping into my head in 1997 for me today this is known as the as the Universal Laws of Rhythm.

I’ve been a Professional Dominatrix and Mistress in South Africa since the age of 26 to the age of 49 turning 50 this year.
First in Johannesburg as a baby dommie working under the name of Roxy releasing Mistress R Journal in the early 1990s and then relocated to Durban and carrying on my practice from there working under my real name Mistress Gail for the next nineteen years in Durban.

Observing my industry in Durban over the last nineteen years I had built a regular clientèle noticing that certain parts of my industry is still very fear based and it would take a novice between 2, 3, 5, 10 years to book an appointment to see me for a session and my own understanding of my industry is that a industry should grow if ones is able to teach novices who share the same bdsm and fetishes as you.

You can diversify with another business that not bdsm and fetish related to sustain and take care of yourself with for me personally, that not directing my energy fully on what I am wanting to create and experience in my industry and business.
Working with fear through my own life experiences I was able to have a better understanding of this emotion called fear is, and was able to understand that fear carried three aspects to it.

1. fear of the unknown

2. Imaginary fear of allowing ones own mind and emotions to run a mock inside oneself and allowing ones own mind and emotions to play tricks on you .
The trickster.

3. Fear is also the opposite of love where there is fear is the absence of love.

Love and fear are the two fundamental mysteries of Life and becoming conscious of what is solves the mysterious riddle of all life.

My own needs, wants, and desire had also changed as I was maturing though the cycles of life and my profession was constantly one of a fluctuation of resources that would go up and down through the month and years of having no stability to it.

Beginning in the constant flow of the unknown and wanting to create stability and security in my own life of owning my own home bond free freeing myself from the ball and chain of the system and allowing my own masculine and feminine energy to take care of me.

An Adventure Gail a trip to Johannesburg to see what the industry is like there for two weeks from there you will be able to make a choice regarding what you are wanting to manifest and create in your own life.
These were the things I had starting learning about and working with since the 12/12/2006

Experiencing a huge bill looming over my head I came to Pro Dom In Johannesburg in early October 2013. Placing and ad in the local Star newspaper in those two weeks I made R2800 for two weeks enough to live on and look after myself while I was here.

I am very grateful for the experience as it gave me the insight to know what I’m getting myself into and what I would be working with within my industry if I choose to relocate to Johannesburg.

Leaving Johannesburg’s behind to return to Durban Knowing after the 12/12/2006 I’m fully aware that I’m working with the laws of attractions and that I am a creative energy creating my own physical reality moment by moment through my own thoughts, words,and actions.

Meaning what ever I am focusing all of my mental thought onto and around I will create and experience in my own life either by default.

Which means not been fully aware of what I am thinking and when it manifest into a physical experience in my own life I’m yelping and become very angry and screaming at the universe and the world and saying that not what I wanted to experience in my Life.

Or through conscious awareness of my own thoughts and where I am focusing all my energy on Co-creating and manifesting my abundance and work with source 27/4 365 day of the year.

Sending abstract images in my minds eye of sessions I enjoyed doing out into the universe for them to manifest into my own physical reality and constantly asking for divine guidance, and divine support regarding my work.

Putting my house on the market in Durban and patiently waiting for my house to be sold the big bill still looming over my head was taken care of by my family and monies were to be paid back once my property was sold.

One night I went to bed falling asleep and in my deep dream state I see a woman in my spare room wearing a blue dress with a baby in her arms waking up the next morning remembering my dream and thinking nothing of it.
The only thought in my head is whatever the dream means it will unfold as my life unfolds in the ebbs and flows of Universal Life itself.

Looking for properties on-line I had no clue where I was going to live as I hadn’t lived in Johannesburg for nineteen years searching the property websites every time I looked at properties in Kensington I would get a nudge in my right leg and when I viewed properties in other areas of Johannesburg no nudge in my right leg would be experienced.
For me, this meant this is where I am to buy my new property saying to Source the Divine smaller garden prepaid electricity meter, smaller home not too much garden maintenance, less housework.
Close to shopping centres within walking distance and all my clients in Durban knowing my intentions and plans regarding relocating to Johannesburg.

An elderly couple who had viewed the property before came back with their son to view the property again putting in an offer to buy the property and their son and I starting chatting to one another. I’m very much a TV series junkie and stream all of my TV series and movies on line and mention where he can stream TV series and movies on line for free.

Tv has become a thing of the past for me can’t remember how it came to the stage of him taking his cellphone out of his pocket and on his screen saver is a woman dressed in a blue dress with a baby in her arms.

Who’s the lady in the blue dress with the baby in her arms on your phone screen saver I ask him?
That’s Mother Mary I teach at the Mother Mary convent for girls. Oh, I replied as I myself am also able to relate to Mother Mary and her apparitions through the years not a single rose in bloom in my garden and the smell of roses that lingers for a long period of time in my home.

Next question what your name? My Name is Michael I smiled as the name Michael has been very prevalent in my own life Archangel Michael namesake.

This is by no mean just a coincidence for me I will sleep on the offer for three days and make a choice from there is what I say to Nellie the property agent. Sleeping on the offer for three days I excepted the offer on my house fully aware of the divine guidance presenting itself to me.
Making a weekend trip up to Johannesburg to view properties staying at my best friend home and viewing properties together on Saturday we view two properties in Kensington putting in an offer to buy one of the properties in Kensington and Assumpta the agent’s responding with the offer to low Gail.

The property next door is for sale too they might except you offer on Sunday morning my best friend and I drive out to view the property walking around the property and peeking in through the windows to see what the inside looks like. Assumpta the agent doesn’t have the key to the property as other persons looking after the property and arrangement have to be made for Assumpta to collect the keys for the property to be viewed.
Small garden back and front lovely I say to myself low maintenance picking up some soil from the ground as we about to leave I bring the soil to my nose smelling its that lovely blackish brownie soil that rich in minerals things will grow here as I’ve been working with red clay soil in Durban a challenge to get things to grow in my garden. We will see what happens, as I am going back to Durban this evening.

My best friend will be viewing the property on her own and taking photo’s for me to see what the property looked like photo’s are taken and sent to me to view there’s a Prepaid meter its everything that I wanted and co-created with source and immediately put in an offer on the property my offer accepted and are monies transferred.
Taking a huge leap of faith I leave my regular clientèle behind relocating to Johannesburg on the 08/03/2015 to complete what I had set out to do on a soul level in this lifetime.

Noting that the previous owner and myself shared the same initials G.H / G.H is that another coincidence or not ?
What is even more bizarre is that the house next door to mine the previous owner name was Dimitri and my house previous owner surname Heine my sister two previous ex-husband names. Ok.

Through keen observation through the years, I’ve noticed We reach maybe eight or nine Professional Dominatrices in South Africa and that number constantly fluctuate over the last twenty five years.

In the process, I have always been in observation mode observing others in my profession on the net and watching them blossom and bloom into the beautiful Fem Doms and individuals that they are, as I observe them integrating and articulating their skills and professional.

Realizing that We don’t have a website in South Africa solely dedicated to our industry for us to advertise and market ourselves and skills on that complete bdsm and fetish related.
Sharing our own individual links to our own websites and social media platforms allows you to know more about us as individuals and human beings.

Making it easier for potential clients to find us who share the same bdsm and fetishes interest as us and our particular bdsm and fetishes that we all specialise in.

Through the years I have experienced the newspaper advertising of oh no you may not use that word and back to the drawing board I go Brainstorming on how do I do this and express myself and my services?
How do I advertise and market my work, my skill my expertise, what I enjoy playing with within my profession what gives me the most amount of pleasure in my work and makes Me feel good inside myself after a session that I’ve just experienced with a client?
How much fun the session was as everything flowed throughout the session from beginning to end and how rewarding the session was for both of Us/us.

Back to the drawing board again grrrr as I am not able to fully express myself and my services as I choose to do No freedom of expression to say it as it is. Having to replay with the words and wording and cutting it down or change it again grrrr.

Some Adult sites allow me to use my own wording and another put this symbol* after or in between my wording and its like hmm OK “ am I really OK with that or not? my reply is no I’m not OK with that! and My website I can add on some adults sites and others I’m not allowed to or that its another ad on the Adult Site.

I have no agenda behind creating this website of what’s in it for me? and what do I get out of this? It’s about serving one another to grow and expand our industry with writing about your sessions if you want to? sharing your work with videos if you want to ? educating humanity.

What I have learnt on a Personal level regarding the bdsm and fetish industry in South Africa the bigger picture.

1. By observing myself and others I have become aware that each and every one of us seems to gravitate to varies aspects of bdsm and fetish industry having there our own unique individual understanding of their skills and speciality in what they enjoy specializing in.

2. Clients are human beings too having their own personal tastes and preferences as to who they choose to session with.
I.e I enjoy drinking red wine another enjoys drinking rum or whiskey, My Industry pretty much works the same way.

3. Everyone’s material needs, desires, and wants are completely different from one another different tastes, likes or dislikes and there’s this ingrained cultural fear of lack and limitation of thinking there is not enough work to go around for everyone.

4. No Mental thought process and integration presence of our industry is not just a market of old players that are into bdsm and fetishes only?

5. There are so many new people out there who may not have known what they wanted to explore and have looked for a mistress on line and have gone back into the closet locally again until they find a Mistress according to their own personal taste and preference who they resonate with to session with.

6 Another is there are so many novices out there discovering that they have a bdsm fetish from seeing our industry on the internet and looking for Mistresses to see to train them and seeing Mistresses on professional bases.

Oh Yes, and let’s not forget about the hedonist the pleasure seeker who bounces around from one to the next until one of us is able to work with him for him to settle down and explore his own bdsm and fetishes desires with.

So many opportunities open to all of us

The epiphany of the bdsm and fetish industry in South Africa is following one’s, own heart, applying patience, having a passion, and dedication, to ones, own practice, a clear understanding of it’s unfolding process without pushing, or trying to control things, or trying to make thing happen by sheer force.
Co- Creating with source applying unconditional love to all my manifestation and surrendering to the same ebbs and flows of the universal life itself.

Understanding that manifestation is a creative process and your thoughts must not conflict with universal design for ones manifestations to become a physical reality in ones own Life.