Friday, August 18, 2017

Junior disciplinary punishment for panty theft


While doing my early morning yoga practices my mind lingered upon a session that had been booked later on for the morning a Role play Scenario of a naughty boy who had booked a session to see me at 9.30 am session.


What happens if he does not have his panties on when he arrived for his session ?

We/ we had been chatting on whats apps the day before prior to the session play and the exploration of wearing panties had come up in our/Our whatapps chat.

I personally enjoy scenarios that have been discussed and planned a week, or a day, or two, in advance as I love the feeling of having my participant in question in a more palpable state of being and eager anticipation and excited of what’s still to come a day, or week, before sessions play the mental eroticism taking place before a session like this is simply wicked.

How was I going to sneak the panties into the session and scene and take the sessions play and scene from there.
Panties Focus Gail stay in the now.
No Monkey Mind Now.
There’s only the Now.
The Now of the session has not happened or unfolded yet !

Finishing my yoga practices I walked to my closet and selected a pair of cream panties from my cupboard taking them into my Dungeon and placing them under the two pillows that lay on my bondage table.
Before jumping into the shower and thinking to myself I hope he’s wearing panties if not I will just simply have to slip the knickers into his pocket and take the session from there.
Showered dressed and ready for the session a knock is hear on my front door, pausing for a moment opening My front door to see the School boy
has arrives at his appointed timeline.

Hello Head Mistress Gail How are you Luke asks politely with his hands behind his back. I am well thank you Luke.
I see Julia has brought you to to My Offices Yes Ma’am. Thank you Julia for bring Luke to my Office.
Your welcome Ma’am you may leave now. Yes Ma’am

You know why you are here Luke ? I’m not sure why I am here Ma’am I was told to report to your office.
Follow Me Luke and i am lead into the Head Mistress office.
I believe you have a teacher note for Me Yes Ma’am I do.

Handing Mrs Goodman note to Head Mistress Gail my eyes danced around the room taking in my surroundings.
Head Mistress Gail is not alone Mrs Goodman is sitting on the chair directly opposite Head Mistress Gail desk and Head Mistress Gail is reading the note with a grave looking expression on her face.

Disciplinary Letter

Head Mistress Gail I have sent Luke to your office with this disciplinary note.
Yesterday he was caught in the girls bathrooms while the matric girls were doing sports.
We caught him while he was sniffing one of the girls panties three of the girls reported their panties missing
when they returned from sport practice I am sure he has something to do with it.
I suggest that you give him a good over the knee spanking
and perhaps six of your best while he is bending over the chair.
Mrs Goodman

Head Mistress Gail looks up at me with a somber expression on her face.
What were you doing in the Matric girls changing rooms Luke ? I needed the loo Head Mistress and the boys toilets are to far away to walk to I was busting Ma’am.
Oh Really I find that simply hard to believe especially when you were caught red handed smelling one of the girl’s panties in their changing room.

How does wanting to use the loo equate to smelling one of the matric girls panties young man ?
Not sure Ma’am, Why are you lying to Mrs Goodman and myself here ?
you were caught red handed sniffing them that is why Miss Goodman is in my office today.
No Ma’am I didn’t !
Are you calling Miss Goodman a liar young man ?
No Ma’am you sure about that young man as you would be in serious case of hot water if you were implying so.
Yes Ma am no I was not Head Mistress Gail.

Panties have been disappeared out of the matric girls changing rooms for well over a month now and l am convinced you have something to do with it !
“No Ma’am i don’t please believe me i pleaded” to Head Mistress Gail. Don t play coy with Me young man

What’s that sticking out of your pocket boy?
Nothing Head Mistress Gail It by not means looks like nothing to Me Take it out of your pant pocket this instance !
Lord behold and what is that ! with a sheepish look on my face i reply with it’s one of the matric girls panties Headmistress Gail.

Mrs Goodman and myself knew you were the culprit all along and there’s the evidence in your hand to prove it.
Yes Ma’am you do realize this is a serious offense and theft of any nature is not tolerated in our School and students
who break Our School rules are disciplined for it. Yes Ma’am

Miss Goodman has selected the discipline and punishment befitting your transgression

you will be spanked over my lap first Our intention behind spanking you this way will be to make sure that all the blood around your bum cheeks rises to the surface of your skin as a warm up tenderizing your skin for your to receive a Junior disciplinary six of the best from Head Mistress Gail cane bending over this chair young man. Yes Ma’am.

Over My Knee young man ! Yes Ma’am Miss Goodman will not be leaving my office she will watching you take your punishment today as its a serious offense to lie to a teacher young man.
Yes Ma’am bending over Head Mistress lap I was spanked for lying to Head Mistress Gail and Miss Goodman for not admitting to stealing the matric girls panties.
A firm strong hand found itself on my bum cheeks making a loud clapping sound as each smack of Head Mistress hand left a hand print and tingling stinging sensation on my skin.

Gazing lustfully down at Head Mistress Gail’s well defined legs in stocking and patent shoes my bottom started to warm up from each smack that was administered upon both my bum cheeks
Both Head Mistress Gail and Miss Goodman smirked in delight at my discomfort and humiliations.
Of my lap young man drop your trousers to your knees for Head Mistress to examine what your bottom looks like from been thoroughly spanked by Me.
Yes Ma’am i wasn’t wearing any under-rods and as my trousers flew to my knees more evidence was revealed to Head Mistress Gail and Miss Goodman.
I knew I was going to be in even more hot water,

I knew it I heard Miss Goodman say looking at Head Mistress Gail a second set of panties not just one set there another set of panties under those panties a black lacy pair as well.
Three sets of panties found on you young man ? What do you have to say to Us regarding this ? i i don’t know Ma’am i stuttered what do you mean you don’t know ? No pleading your innocents now it seems ! No Ma’am blushing in embarrassment.

This stealing of yours has the appearance of a panty fetish to both Miss Goodman and myself and seeing as you love wearing those soft sexy silky lacy panties you will punished in them to teach you a lesson.

Your bottom has already been smacked my favorite shade of pink and now I am going to add another six more beautiful contoured lines onto your bottom with my dragon cane.
Our reasoning behind choosing the number six is as follows:
three for stealing the matric girls panties and another three strokes for lying to both of us regarding stealing them. This form of punishment is know as a Junior disciplinary punishment for the crimes you have committed. Yes Ma’am
Bend over the chair young man and you will count down each stroke delivered on your bottom backwards from the number of strokes going to be inflicted upon your bottom. Yes Ma’am.

With a menacing look in Head Mistress Gail eyes Head Mistress Gail bent her cane in front of me for me to see the flexibility of her dragon cane.
i bent over the chair in trepidation of being Caned quacking in my shoes and i was instructed to count down the caning strokes backwards for six to one aloud for both Head Mistress Gail and Miss Goodman to hear me.
How could I have been so foolish to wear the panties to school today I had been caught red handed for stealing the matric girls panties and my panty fetish was one that couldn’t be denied any longer and the sweet temptations of having those sexy soft silky lacy panties so close to my naked skin was far to irresistible to resist.

My thoughts swiftly interrupted by the cane stroke whooshing across my naked buttocks six Head Mistress Gail as the counting down has begun and a dense bouncing sensation of warmth and stinging is felt on my naked bum.
Another five to go young man I heard Miss Goodman say to Me.
Yes Ma’am are you sorry for lying to both of Us young man yes Miss Goodman I am very sorry for lying to both of you Ma’am.

Miss Goodman nodding looks at Head Mistress Gail and another cane stroke is placed across my naked bum five Head Mistress Gail.
I promise you Head Mistress Gail and Miss Goodman I will never ever again steal the matric girls panties out of their changing rooms again Ma’am.
Do you solemnly swear that you will never do this again young man yes Ma’am as another stroke contoured its line on my full exposed naked bum four Head Mistress Gail.

How do We know if he’s being truly sincere about all this I hear Miss Goodman say to Head Mistress Gail is he prehap not just saying this as he is getting punished for his indiscretions and scared that he might be receiving more punishment them the amount We have selected ?.

The server stinging on his naked bottom will serve as a reminder to never ever do that again.
Is that correct or not young man ? Yes Ma’am it is as the cane whistled through the air again marking my naked bottom with another line
and me flinching in pain three Head Mistress Gail.

Head Mistress Gail walked around to face me bending the cane in front of Me in a beautiful curved shaped arch and said I am going to make these last two strokes count with severity young man as the flexibility of the cane is extreme sever when I pull my arm back more to deliver the last two strokes to your naked bottom.
Yes Ma’am the second last stroked rained down upon my bare bottom two Head Mistress Gail as tears welt up in the corner of my eyes.

Miss Goodman the young man looks like he wants to cry I am sure he will no longer be stealing panties out of the matric girls changing room ever again.
I do believe Luke will be integrity with himself regarding his indiscretion as hes learning fast that this is no longer a laughing matter and a significantly serious offense.

I agree Head Mistress Gail Luke will certainly be conforming to Our school rules I heard Miss Goodman say to Head Mistress Gail as the last caning strokes found it mark on my naked bottom one Head Mistress Gail.


Your dismissed young man. Yes Ma’am sorry Ma’am