Thursday, November 23, 2017

A women who yields power with discretion


Long serving slut boy has sent Mistress Gail a text messages of a Wish listed session he wished to Play out with Mistress Gail.

Scouting Mistress Gail suburb the day before to find a suitable venues for Our /our sessions play to intervene at.
A coffee shop which would suffice my Mistress mischievous appetite and the ambience of being safe and discreet where my Mistress could scene and play to her heart content in public without drawing attention to herself as well as me.

Mistress Gail loves playing in Public and both of us/Us were in agreement that our screening and playing should always carry an element of mystery, and intrigue, in public.

Arriving for my session i am greeted by Mistress dressed in a black skirt and a cotton blouse with leather sandals adorning her feet.

i am transformed into my appropriate attire a black bra g-string and a tight black dress which hugs my body like a second skin my transformation is complete. Mistress Gail instructs her sissy slut boy to put his normal street clothing on over his fetish attire.

A slave collar and leash is decadently placed around my masculine neck and leather gauntlets deviously play upon both my wrists.

Ready to leave sissy slut-boy ? Yes Miss i replied opening and closing the dungeon door behind Us/us and Mistress locking it.

Making our way to Our first designated destination We /we catching up on the in and outs of Our/ our daily lives arriving at Our/our first designation destination.

Parking the car in the parking lot i open the passenger door for Miss to climb out locking the car behind us.
my keys, wallet and cellphone are placed in Mistress handbag.

Entering the antique shop the coffee shop is located on the furthest end of the coffee shop we/ We make our /Our way up a long narrow flight of stairs reminding Miss of the Uk and how narrow their staircases are in there homes.

Sitting down in the coffee shop We/we surrounded by the vivid colors of canvas that grace the interior walls of the establishment and elegant furniture of old which stand noble and proud in today era. Mistress leans towards me restraining my hands in front of me lighting a cigarette inhaling and exhaling as a whiff of smoke is blown into the air waiting for the waitress to arrive to take Our /our order.

The waitress arrives placing menus in front of both of Us/us I hear Mistress Gail say to the waitress he’s been punished for not taking out the garbage the waitress just giggled at my discomfort and the situation i am in leaving Us/us to read Our /our menus.

A short while later the waitress returns taking Our/our order it’s isn’t long and Our /our order arrives. Drinking my coffee slowly Miss looks me directly in the eyes saying once you’re finished your coffee sissy slut boy your are to go down on your knees in front of Miss and wait there until Mistress gives you further instruction sissy slut boy Yes Mistress I reply with.

i am no longer able to savour its delectable smooth liquid slowly as i love and adore serving My Mistress in public finishing my coffee with enthusiastic eagerness i quickly stand up walking toward my Mistress for Miss to release my hands from their bonds.

Immediately going down on my knees in front of Mistress good boy i hear Mistress say as Mistress stands up from her chair and restrains my hands behind my back sitting back down on her chair again.

Mistress notices the bulge in my jeans gently tapping my bulging erection with her leather sandal and then gently processed to apply light pressure with her sandal onto my bulging erection smiling at me as She watches my excitement and discomfort growing in public.

Mistress stretches her curvaceous right long leg in front of me to reveal her luxurious foot enthralled in its leather sandals worship it sissy slut boy.
Obeying i comply kissing and worship Mistress foot with my hands restrained behind my back.
That’s it sissy slut boy show Mistress how much you adore worshiping your Goddess feet in public sissy slut boy.


Yes Mistress as Mistress lingeringly finishes Her coffee Miss frees my hands from their bonds again and restrains my hands in front of me.
Leaving the coffee shop and briefly browsing around the antique shop for a moment Miss notices the CCTV cameras and mentions this to me and i reply with oh wow love being watched in public the voyeurism aspect of Self surfing to the surface.
we/ We pay our bill and leave with me leading the way and Mistress walking directly behind me.

Mistress eyes catches an elderly man sitting at his computer as he notices her slave pass by him and for a fleeting moment a look of astoundment crosses his weathered face of did I really just see that or not ?

My hands are once again released from their predicament and my car keys are placed in my hands opening the car door for Miss and closing the door behind her We/ we head off to our /Our second destination.

Parking under a tree in the park its fairly early a few people are around Miss clips the leash onto my slave collar.
Blue skies greet Us/ us not a layer of white in the sky and a vastness of luscious green beckons us into it depth as Mistress beguiling leads me into it.

Making our way onto the walk way that encompasses the lake my psyche enraptures into a euphoria of its own.
I’m not even not aware that Miss has lead me into a small secluded cluster of tress instructing me to drop my pants and to bend over the cement bin where Miss gives me a spanking of six of the best on my naked bottom exhilaration soars through my body.

Disrobe sissy slut boy, Yes Miss and once done you are to lie down on the ground for Miss.
Yes Miss with acute accuracy golden liquid cascades into my mouth as Miss uses my mouth as her public toilet.
Miss was busting sissy slut boy and nothing more enticing despicable and delightful then using your mouth as My human toilet sissy slut you may stand up now sissy slut boy. Yes Miss

Miss will be carrying your shoes and shirt sissy slut boy pull your pants up and fastening only your jeans button and belt keeping your zipper open for Mistress Gail. Yes Mistress
Open your hand sissy slut boy a clicking sound is heard and the leash drops into my hands tuck the leash neatly into your Jean pocket sissy slut boy Yes Miss.

Miss hand suddenly encases my cock pulling me back onto the pathway i am beginning lead around by my cock for a short distance and with an abrupt halt Mistress turns arounds and makes her way to a bench over looking the lake Mistress sits down on the bench lighting a cigarette remove your jeans sissy slut boy.

I’m sure you would love to feel the full freedom of you’re flirtatious black dress against you’re naked skin in public sissy slut boy.
Yes Miss I would love too. Hmm I thought so sissy slut boy and once you’re done you have permission to sit down next to Mistress sissy slut boy while I enjoy a leisurely cigarette sissy slut boy. Yes Miss.
Make sure that you give Mistress your leash once your done sissy slut boy. Yes Miss

We/we both caught in the moment no words are spoken as Mistress enjoy her cigarette in Our /our picturesque surrounding overlooking the lake and feathered winged creature skim across the water taking flight into the blue sky.

The silence is unexpectedly interrupted by Miss yanking my collar as i realise Mistress has already stood up from the bench and is leading me along the pathway by my slave collar dressed in my seductive black dress.
A soft breeze caresses my bare skin sending goose bumps and shivers down my spine as Mistress leads me to another part of the park people are starting to make their toward us and Mistress sit down on a stone bench with me waiting for them to pass Us/us by.

The park is becoming more active with people sissy slut boy ? Yes Mistress We will be sitting here awhile longer and then I think it would be wise to make Our /our way back to Mistress home sissy slut. Yes Mistress.
Our /our out door play has come to a close as We notice a security van pulling up into the club area of the park calmly i dressing back into my street clothing and Mistress unfastens the leash from my collar as we/ We make our way back to the car.

Arriving back at Miss dungeon I am instructed to remove my street clothing and i am once again lead round by my slave collar and leash in Mistress garden.
The walls are high in Miss garden and their is no one around to see Us /us as i am lead back into the dungeon to perform my task of being Mistress sissy slut boy porn star entertaining Mistress everything today has been a heightened sexual stimulus and sexual aphrodisiac of profound sexual eroticism.

Its as if Mistress reads my mind saying hmm sissy slut boy I do not think you will be able to entertain Mistress to long as her sissy slut boy porn-star
I am sure you are at your edge already sissy slut boy.? Yes Mistress i am, you have permission to come sissy slut boy.
Yes Mistress as i’ve been walking around in a heightened state of sexual arousal for most of the morning as i ride the crescent wave of sexual arousal to it final crescendo.