Saturday, May 26, 2018

I removed this Blog posting and after much contemplation realized I should leave this Posting as It is. As their Nothing wrong with speaking your truth and saying it as it is in the human experience as the Professional Dominatrix that I am.

A Rant .

So you have fetish who the fuck cares when you talk your fetish to death on a What App with Me.


I do not perceive you as being genuine and real to start off with and all forms of internet communication are solely based on enquires and to discuss your kink with Mistress Gail your does and dont’s with Mistress Gail and does Mistress Gail share the same kinky fetishes interest as you do ? Yes or No ?
Does my website and services confirm this to you or not ? why are you sounding like a stuck grammar phone record when its all there in black and white and on my site.
you coming across as a lazy individual who hasn’t done his research and want to be spoon feed all the informations or a chap that goes oh my word that a gorgeous hot babe and i would love to get some dick actions from Her as I have seen Her Ad on Specials think again.

All My info on my website do your homework first that what Smart intelligent Boys do.Looks like you not one of those by the look of things.

You have no interest in supporting Me or my profession the only thing that in your head is she a professional fetish service provider.
i can reach out to her and connect with Her as we share the same common ground yet do we/ We really share the same interest when what you are doing from the word go is abusing Me energetically as a Fetish service provider if you want to do the blah blah regarding your kink join and share you’re like minded interaction with fetish folks who enjoy enjoy getting of chatting about their fetishes to one another.

If you want to chat to a Professional fetish service provider and you get of talking about your kinky fetish then render your dues to do so.

Mistress Gail does Offer and hour What App Text/ Video Fantasies Session to do so, once you have done an EFT tribute.

In you’re What Apps to Me I’m already going Hmm this What App interactions and chat is all about you getting your rocks off this way by talking about your fetish and you are by no means a kinky new potential client.

Who I am going to relish seeing for a session and enjoying playing with all his/ her kinky fetishes and watching his facial expressions change in a session and seeing his eyes go wide or the look of amazement that flashes across his face when i do certain things in a session with him.Or the playful facial responses to my Dominance.

Mistress Gail I want to be your Personal Slave


My slave really where have I advertised that I am looking for a personal slave ?
What a fuck-en cheek to assume that I would be wanting a personal slave in my own private life and why would I wanting a personal slave in my private life ?
How Does Having a Personal slave in My Private Life Serve Me ?
For Me Personally as a Women individual and human being ?.

This is the most unoriginal pick up line I have ever heard in my life and a total downer from the word go.
As far as your Dating skills go you have shown Mistress you have zero regarding your first sentence to Mistress Gail of I want to be your personal slave.

We/ we might have the same common interest being BDSM Fetish related but I do not know you from a bar of soap you are a total stranger to Me and the only common interest that we/ We both share is our kinky passion and love for BDSM.

What other compatibilities do were share that are similar ?
None ?

For you to perk my interest ?
What do you really know about Me ?

Yet you seem to think that saying these magical words of Mistress I want to be your personal slave makes me go weak in the knees that I am just going to surrender to your whims without saying how I truly feel about all this and the partnership dynamic here !
Having all the necessary paraphernalia, play space, knowledge and experience so you after the cream of the crop to have all your needs, wants, and desires, meet by Me.

I think Not !
What I am seeing and have become very aware of over the years is a very self centred approach of self gain, instant gratifications, and what are you implying or saying to Mistress Gail is that you are assuming that I would be open to Casual BDSM play with you.
Seeing as I am a Fetish Service Provider I should be open to having a casual sexual interaction with you is what you are thinking ? Do we/ We share the same attitude and viewpoint here regarding Our/our kink or not ?

No We/ we don’t Which once again reflects the incompatibility regarding the two of us ?
Haven’t you leant by now that assumption is the Mother of all Fuck Ups ?

Are you starting to become aware of the fact that Speaking and wording the words of Mistress Gail I want to be your Personal Slave to Mistress Gail
Means Partnership Relationship and by no Means Casual BDSM Play.

How long have you been into kink for ?

A year, two, five ten, years.

I’ve been into kink for the last twenty six years of my own adult life choosing my own partners when I want to and not advertising for them either Mistress chooses who ! Not you ! and have experienced a lot on my own kinky journey of sexual self exploration myself.

In all its shapes and forms to heal,integrate, grow evolve and expand and here you thinking I must just open my door to you and let you into my life and home space how presumptuous of you.
I think not.

I do not know what type of energy you are ?

I do not know what type of relationship you have had or shared with women in the past ?

I do not know what type of relationship you share with yourself and your own human sexuality ?

I do not know what type of relationship you share with your own masculine and feminine energy ?

you have not shown your passion, love, and dedications to your request energetically speaking?

Regarding your own Giving and Receiving in this partnership relationship with a Professional Dominatrix and Mistress ?

What relationship do you have or share with the universe and source ?

Have you taken the time and effort to invested your energy, and resources into the dynamic of getting to know Me on a Professional level and supported my services over a couple of years as a fetish service provider and in so doing have you establish an excellent rapport with Me or not ?

Built up a platonic relationship with Me over a long period of time to ask me out on a date and get to know Me outside of the Dungeon for Me to consider you as a Personal slave.
No you have not done any of these things either ?

So why would I even consider you as a Personal slave when you haven’t shown me any of these qualities and attributes in the first place?

What you are asking from Me is just plan rude, insulting, and disrespectful and shows Me that you are only into what in it for me and what can I get out of this implying to your own need and wants.
No energy invested of investing your own personal energy is presence in the dynamic for Me to go. Oh I would love to have this man in my personal life as a personal slave of mine.

Have you looked at this Intimate partnership D/s dynamic and thought to yourself

1. What do I have to Offer her ?

2. What is my conceptualization of being a Personal slave to a Professional Dominatrix and Mistress ?

3.How Can I be of Service to Her ?

4.What Qualities attributes and gifts do I have to offer to make my Mistress life easier and more comfortable for her ?

5.In which way can i be of service to her regarding the man/ male/slave/submissive that that I am I and by no means comes across as being sexually forward ?

6.How do i enrich and enhance My Mistress Life ?

7.What is my interpretation and understanding of being a Personal slave to a Professional Mistress and Dominatrix ?

8.What Expectation do I have in this dynamic of being a Personal slave to a Professional Dominatrix and Mistress ?

9.How does a Professional Dominatrix view the slave Mistress partnership relationship?

Have you even to stopped to think about all theses Questions and presented any of these questions to yourself either ?

I’ve learnt a lot along the way and got quite burnt in the beginning with Casual BDSM Lifestyle play which has been a huge learning curve for Me and have become wiser in the process.


Lacking real sexual intimacy and by no means carrying an in-depth emotional connection to it either and casual bdsm play carries exactly the same energy as friends with benefits they are players only playing the field.

Sexual energy is a sacred union that you share within a Partnership Dynamic and where you know that your life-force energy within you is the same as sexual energy inside you I choose to honour its sacredness and my- Self in the process by playing only with those that I am in a Partnership Relationship with.

So there my explanation as to why I am not looking for a Casual BDSM Personal Slave who have know understanding of what it means to Mistress Gail.

Mistress Gail

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Always wondered Why Mistress Gail Doesnt wear High heels and high heel boots that often?

This Is why ?

And no sigh in is required on this clip. It’s been quite a challenge and I am slowly getting my flexibility back in on my left second toe .

Wicked Regards
Mistress Gail