Monday, June 10, 2019

The Art of Female Domination an Online Dominatrix Training Course Taught By Senior Mistress Gail

The first of its kind
I’m proud to announce that I Senior Mistress Gail will be teaching an online Dominatrix Training Course called The Art of Female Domination for all those aspiring Ladies out there that are wanting to enhance their boudoir antics,or those that are wanting to learn the Art of Female Domination to become Professional Dominatrices.

I am not Ok with teaching full service providers my practices, who offer oral,nudity, and full house with their Services.

The Course material deals with twenty six subjects which will be divided into four online Training Modules Consisting of the following
1 The Dominatrix Persona what Qualities and attributes make up the Dominatrix

2. The Psychology anatomy and head space of a slave, submissive, naughty boy, sissy slut and fetishist

3. Paraphernalia and implements of the trade and knowing how to work with them in a safe, sane consensual way.

4. Setting up your Practice and What is required of you .

you will remain anonymous The online training Course will be held on What App, Messenger, for an hour and will be recorded each Tuesday with a drop box link to a audio file that will be sent to you’re email address for you to download for revision and homework.

Any other Questions that you didn’t ask in class will be answered the following week before I processed with the next Subject.

Once all the Modules are complete you will be tested on everything that I have taught you.

A certificate will be provided to you on the completion of the course

Cost of the The Art of Female Domination Online Teaching to become a Professional Dominatrix is


Cost of The Online Boudoir Antics is

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Senior Mistress Gail