Sunday, December 13, 2020

A share What a Year My Journey and evolution in 2020


i paid to do a writing course in the beginning of the year which was only to start in April.

How do I write with this crisis and pandemic going on ?
I have no interest in anything at the moment ?

Specially when writing in itself is a challenge for me to do in the first place ?
To pin myself down and for my fingers to move across the keyboard and for the words to appear upon the screen in front of me.
Now this on top of all this as well.
Fuck it just fuck it.

Eyes gaze outside the grass needs to be cut the hedges and bushes require trimming 21 days to form a habit.
A new way of doing housework in the 20th century sterilizing the baby Buddha a spray bottle in my hand each morning
everything gets sprayed down knobs to surfaces to plugs to lights switches to floors to loo a two hour chore using jik/ bleach.
There a critter in the sky what ever you want to call it that turned my life upside down in a blink of an eye.

I’m glued to the news and media something I hardly paid attention to in the passed.
Having thoughts of oh my god I’m going to die there is an invisible germ that I cannot see.

How do I ground and centre myself in this experience?


I’m experiencing fear and anxiety in my sacral chakra stomach and then nausea at other times just tears in my eyes
at another times burst into tears which moves from base to heart chakra.
None of this is adding up search the internet to find some form of understanding to centre myself again..

There’s none.

This is all up to me I’m my own teacher .

It feels like i’ve stepped into some form of of sci -fi movie of sorts everyday feels like a Sunday and there this pause this silence all around me.
Days look so beautiful the sky so blue yet there something deadly in the air
Media creating fear anxiety and uncertainly inside of me again acknowledge the feeling inside my body of thank you body I get it and ground myself back into my root chakra and feet and off I go to cut the hedges mown the lawn taking in some rays in the process.
Yoga practice will have to be done later still walking circles around the writing, ill get there always do just doing the same old dance before I get there.

Hedges, tree, bushes get cut with the slasher it takes my mind of what going on around me and in the world at large all the people dying .
Days fly by very fast I’m in a blur of no thought process just observation mode to what going on all around me.
I’ve given up smoking I can no longer have the excuse of smoking is a coping mechanism as I’ve given up smoking in one of the most stress period of the 20 first century history.

Why am I watching the media when it does this to my energy system and makes me feel this way.
Surely I need my fucking head read or something to be fixated on all this at the moment and then all the conspiracy theory out there specially David Icke.
It feels like my energy been pulled and tugged in all different directions and fragmented and what am I feeding
my physical body with all these words that my eyes and mind is seeing and my body and emotions are re acting too.

How do I find my feet in this pandemic and drama ? How do I find my way back home to myself soul and source ?

How do I take back my own power again ?

Is this some huge practical theory lesson of note Divine ?wtf
We all being waiting as a semi conscious collective for this system to come to an end regarding lower vibration but like this ?

What’s been attacked is my root chakras ?
t1rsz_3t1rsz_1crown-third-eye-throat-heart-solar-plexus-sacral-root-chakras-their-meanings-seven-chakras-their-meanings-142597842_-_copy.jpg To see and read full image auto rotate photo
As a collective Our physical bodies ?
Our place of safe and security gone in the world our physical bodies that we live in aren’t safe either. Our safety and security at root chakra gone ?

What’s the shadow aspect/ collective unconsciousness at the root chakra level ?
Fear, manipulation and control,

First Fear.. Fear of death.

Its the work i’ve done already I know im immortal its one thing to know as a semi awake human being its another to experience with an invisible critter around and a huge practical physical experience as a collective,conscious and a collective unconscious at root chakra level

One thing I know for sure is that I have to ground myself back into my physical body daily.

With the loss of my mother last year same time lines I was out of my physical body and felt that I wasn’t completed grounded my feet didn’t feel solid or firm on the ground it felt like one was floating that one wasnt connection to the earth and my life-guide intervened saying ground yourself to your physical body get fully presence.

So this time I knew that it was about grounding my light body/ soul / energy body to the physical plane which I did.

Except I was still feeling out of sorts mental wanting to make sense of everything.

From root to heart to throat chakra the same forms of attack implying to the emotions / feeling i am feeling inside my body
and which parts of my body im feeling these emotions in. .

root chakra fight or flight and flight weakens the immune system.

Yoga and meditations is all about breath work and connection with source and self the opening and expanding of the heart chakra the flow of oxygen through the whole physical body.

Im aware that our collective unconscious brother and sister don’t breath properly in the first place and my breath is actually my life force energy
that gives my body life.
Also perhaps it might be my beloved earth mother mother of all mothers going you fuckers I cant breath you suffocating me with the way
you lived upon my surface and expelled this germ virus critter from the lab in some form of purging way..

Oh well just know I got to get a grip on all this as i’ve been taken complete out of my comfort zone by this .

Enough thinking now, waking up the next morning with the thought process in my head of don’t lean on your own understanding.

Its about faith ,trust acceptance and surrender and that also about mental emotional surrender with the thought process of

Yoga changed to 12 pm every day noticing that the media starting to inflate things it becoming aware that one sentenced as a headline thinking
it something new to readb by click on link its the same article with the same info over again.

Same words over and over again health care system not ready for this, not enough ventilator no vaccine. Ok so no medicine for this !

Im sucking hard boil sweets like no tomorrow each day its a packet of sweets by the three day I realise my inner child is terrified and
that we going to die is my inner child letting me know that she fearful of this whole experience and I let her know that I will keep her safe and
protect her through this scary time and that I’m here for her.

I’ve learnt monkey mind can drive you crazy and your imagination starts to run away with you conjuring up the most
craziest of thoughts and images and realise that I have only the now and
that where my power lies in the now of where I am moment by moment.

Making a conscious choice as to where I choose to invest my energy daily using discernment regarding what news is real and what new is fake what’s been blown out of proportions and all the trigger words used to create panic fear and drama in the pandemic and containing my energy..

By calling my energy back from all the places I fragmented it from and staying in the now.
As when I’m in the now I’ve won and i’ve found my way back home as a semi awake human being.
That’s awake in this experience and can help my brothers and sisters find their way home energetically by sending
them love light and healing into the earth with my yoga practices and prayer.

To where ever it is need as a light workers and starseed to hold the light energetically in these times of chaos
as the phoenix rises from the ashes once more and not to allow fear to take the joy
out of life and my human experiences.


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Webcam Sessions and How they work online ?

Hello all,


I trust that everyone is keeping well over these unprecedented times,
and finding new creative ways of sustaining themselves.
Mistress has moved to online session on Whats App’s and
is weekly online for two to three hour @
with folks asking

How do online sessions work?

Simply put an email or call is still required for an online session with Mistress.
your bdsm kinks and fetishes are discussed with Mistress and Mistress attains
as to whether you’re bdsm kinks
and fetishes can be Played out online for a session or not..
Creatively thinking outside the box is a Must for an online session.

Once your tribute reflect a day and time is arranged for your What App’s session.

At Sextrader cams the same process applies of calling Mistress booking your session and time
being ready with your toys for your session.

Buying your credit for the session that was discussed with Mistress of
15mins, 20mins,30mins, 45Mins, 60mins, sessions

Clicking on Mistress photo at sextrader cams that say Live

Clicking on the Mic Button Icon to hear Mistress on the left hand side of Private
and a pop up notification will appear want to use your mic allow click allow

Click on the on the Webcam icon to see Mistress on the left hand side of Private
the same pop up notification will appear want to use your camera allow click allow

Then click on PRIVATE To session with Mistress Gail Online
and What App’s video you know how to utilize

Dominate Regards

Mistress Gail


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sessions and Covid Safety Precautions


Two light blue germicidal UV lights and UV sterilisation lamps have been placed in the dungeon and shower area
killing viruses and sterilizing spaces within 15 mins.


On arrival your hands shoes will be sprayed with dettol water and temperature will be taken.
Once done you will take Mistress temperature before you enter the dungeon space.
Clothing will be hung in the usually space and session will commence as usually.
after session you are welcome to have a shower before leaving.

After you have left all the equipment used in the session will be wiped down with a wet wipe and then sprayed
down with strong dettol mixed with water.
The Blue uv lights are switched on to sterilize the equipment

Mistress fet gear is hung up in the sun after the session then its off for Mistress to gargle with salt water and shower
and return to the dungeon to turn the equipment used around for another half an hour.

The whole sterilization process takes an hour and half to do .

Mistress Gail

Saturday, February 8, 2020

What Your Pro-Domme Does for You (Hint: It’s More Than Just a Great Beating)


What Your Pro-Domme Does for You
(Hint: It’s More Than Just a Great Beating)

Maybe you’ve fantasized about your kink your whole life, or maybe you’ve come to realize it more recently.Either way, it’s an urge that nags at your mind and draws you into a haze of daydream regularly.There’s a problem, though: you haven’t had the opportunity to meet anyone who can adequately fulfill that desire.It’s specific, after all, and it’s intense, and it’s not exactly the sort of thing that you can teach someone.No, for what you have in mind, a professional BDSM practitioner is the only logical choice to get your needs met.

That’s not just “okay,” that’s very smart of you!Professional Dominas have earned Their skills through years of experience and training.They are in the very unique position to help you explore every nook and cranny of your kink.They can even teach you more about it, and guide you in expanding further and further into the joy that is your own personal heaven.

More than that, though, you will come to understand a plethora of other benefits that can grace you in session and beyond.

Our Experience Keeps You Safe (Enough)

Those years of experience come with significant amounts of direct education and training in the fine art of hurting you without necessarily injuring you.Yes, your Domme most likely has a natural-born dominant personality, but no one is born knowing how to tie the perfect single-column rope cuff suitable for suspension or how to read your body language if you can’t catch your breath enough to use your safeword.Pro-Dommes routinely attend meet-ups, seminars, and events to learn everything They can about numerous practices, devices, and techniques.There are even conventions all over the world for BDSM practitioners and kinksters, like Dallas’ own South Plains Leatherfest in March and the Bondage Expo in April, 2020.

BDSM as a Positive Mental Health Practice

While We acknowledge that BDSM has had a rough and unsavory reputation throughout history (thanks, De Sade), it is not at all uncommon to find that your session with a Pro-Domme leaves you in a significantly more relaxed and mentally positive state that can last for days.Intense physical interactions in a secure environment with someone you trust creates the same types of brain chemical reactions as the “extreme pleasure ecstasy” stage of human relationships: dopamine, oxytocin, and norepinephrine (the “happy, go do things!” neurotransmitters) go way up, and serotonin (the stabilizer “be boring” neurotransmitter) goes way down.

Many Pro-Dommes report that They consider Their responsibility to Their submissives to be as critical as a therapist – and often Their experiences with those subs produces a highly mentally therapeutic result.Science is starting to realize this as well: Researchers found that submissives regularly achieved an altered consciousness state (transient hypofrontality) similar to hardcore runners and intense exercise nuts, leaving them with personally transformative experiences that enhanced every other part of their lives.This is more commonly known in the scene as “subspace,” and it is the mental and emotional equivalent of a full sexual release experienced with a stable, loving partner: overall physical and emotional stress is significantly reduced as your capacity for healthy intimacy is increased.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

For your part, once you’ve been subjected to Her tender mercies, you will find that you can come to know yourself far more than you ever could in any other context.In one study, they found that men who engaged in BDSM experienced significantly less psychological distress in every part of their lives compared to men who did not engage in BDSM.In fact, BDSM practitioners, which includes people on both sides of the “whip,” were, in general, significantly less neurotic, more open to new experiences, more conscientious, less rejection sensitive, and had higher subjective well-being than the control, non-BDSM group.

Submission, especially with a Pro-Domme, is a special treat that teaches you more about yourself.Your responsibility as a submissive is to communicate your needs and desires clearly with your Domme, and then to surrender to Her expertise.You are still expected, however, to express a limit with the use of your safe word, a concept that many submissives find allows them to establish healthy boundaries in other parts of their lives.

So, though BDSM might be considered a “fringe activity” or “something naughty to liven things up in the bedroom,” the real potential of benefit for you goes way beyond a tickle in the pants.And, lucky you, you’re already here and already know that your Pro-Domme is the most qualified person to grant you those gifts.

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About Mistress Daria

Mistress Daria is also known as Domina Daria. She is a Dallas based Professional Dominatrix with a dungeon facility called The Meridian Dallas. She works as a psychodramatist and a kink coach. She helps people develop and assimilate lifestyles to reach peak artistic and sexual expression.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

What is Controlled Ejaculation ? And the two forms of Controlled Ejaculation.

Controlled ejaculation is an erotic form of tease and denial and edge play.
For either the budding Novice, or those of you who enjoy exploring another form of tease and denial that’s not centered around sensual tie and tease in bondage .

Mistress takes charge of your orgasm ,whereby Mistress teaches you how to control your ejaculation through the Johnson squeezing method,
of gently squeezing the girth of your penis and teaching you a simple breathing technique that prevents you from ejaculating

This skill and technique has taken Mistress years develop and Master.

It’s keeping you on the edge of a orgasm and not allowing you to come till Mistress gives you permission to come .

As your lesson continues, you’ll experience a heightened state of sexual arousal and pleasure that keeps you on the
edge of an orgasm, erotic torment , tease and denial ,for 30 Mins until Mistress gives you permission to come and the orgasm becomes a very intense body shattering one.

This service is also available to gents who suffering from premature ejaculation, to teach you how to have more control over your ejaculations.

So their you have it ,two different activities that you didn’t know about.

Dominate Regards

Mistress Gail