Tuesday, January 28, 2020

What is Controlled Ejaculation ? And the two forms of Controlled Ejaculation.

Controlled ejaculation is an erotic form of tease and denial and edge play.
For either the budding Novice, or those of you who enjoy exploring another form of tease and denial that’s not centered around sensual tie and tease in bondage .

Mistress takes charge of your orgasm ,whereby Mistress teaches you how to control your ejaculation through the Johnson squeezing method,
of gently squeezing the girth of your penis and teaching you a simple breathing technique that prevents you from ejaculating

This skill and technique has taken Mistress years develop and Master.

It’s keeping you on the edge of a orgasm and not allowing you to come till Mistress gives you permission to come .

As your lesson continues, you’ll experience a heightened state of sexual arousal and pleasure that keeps you on the
edge of an orgasm, erotic torment , tease and denial ,for 30 Mins until Mistress gives you permission to come and the orgasm becomes a very intense body shattering one.

This service is also available to gents who suffering from premature ejaculation, to teach you how to have more control over your ejaculations.

So their you have it ,two different activities that you didn’t know about.

Dominate Regards

Mistress Gail