Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sessions and Covid Safety Precautions


Two light blue germicidal UV lights and UV sterilisation lamps have been placed in the dungeon and shower area
killing viruses and sterilizing spaces within 15 mins.


On arrival your hands shoes will be sprayed with dettol water and temperature will be taken.
Once done you will take Mistress temperature before you enter the dungeon space.
Clothing will be hung in the usually space and session will commence as usually.
after session you are welcome to have a shower before leaving.

After you have left all the equipment used in the session will be wiped down with a wet wipe and then sprayed
down with strong dettol mixed with water.
The Blue uv lights are switched on to sterilize the equipment

Mistress fet gear is hung up in the sun after the session then its off for Mistress to gargle with salt water and shower
and return to the dungeon to turn the equipment used around for another half an hour.

The whole sterilization process takes an hour and half to do .

Mistress Gail