Wednesday, May 25, 2022

“Men become more do better”

“Men become more do better”

Looking to explore you’re fantasies and fetishes in a safe play space
and not sure about how to go about communicating them across to
a Professional Dominatrix for you to visit Her for a session booking,

Question to ask yourself first.

1. How long has Miss been specializing in her chosen field for ?

2. Does Miss work independently for Her Home or is She working from an Agency ?

3. Is it a Dungeon Environment or domestic environment that you feel safe to explore you’re kink in ?

4. Are Miss BDSM interest and activities compatible with my own ?

5. If its a Dungeon or Domestic setting is all the necessary equipment and paraphernalia
there to actively explore Our /our BDSM activities together or not ?

6. What are Miss Boundaries and limits ?

7. Is there mutual respect regarding my own boundaries and limits as well ?

8. How do i approach and communicate with Miss that she will be interested in
facilitating me and allowing me to explore my BDSM activities with Her ?

9. What reviews are on the internet regarding Miss skills and services
from clients that have seen Her for Her Professional services ?

Next Question to ask yourself ?

How do I approach Miss / Hi

]That’s not going to cut it …
To Miss that a sex slave and a full house chap and not a client she would be interested in seeing and my
contact will be immediately dismissed on what app or sms , A blue tick with no reply.

Maybe a photo of what I’m wanting to explore as I’m shy
Nope that not going to cut it either as you coming across as rude with no Good Morning good afternoon depending upon
what time of day you are contacting Miss and just a photo on a what app message
is treating Miss as a fetish atm of feed my interest only.
Showing Miss straight away that no effort has been put into the communication with
Her. Reflecting the thought process to Miss of you’re not worth you’re weight in gold and
the energy connection of compatibility is not presence for a visit.
No reply from Miss.

Receiving no reply from Miss and Doing this ???
will also be ignored

Contacting Miss outside of her working hours and expecting a reply
Another blue tick and msg deleted.

Best to put my best foot forward with

Good Afternoon Miss Gail My name is Josh and I’m a novice and i found you’re website online from reading more i gathered
that we/ We share similar BDSM interest and activities and was wondering whether my activities of interest would
perk Miss interest for Miss to allow me the privilege and honor to visit Miss for a Fem dom session booking.
Express in detail what BDSM activities you have.

Be Polite and well mannered in you’re written communication to Miss

Approaching Miss this way will be far more appealing to Miss
for Miss to interact further with you in written communication for
a visit for a session booking

This posting has been written to assisting budding new clients as well as the sex slave
full house chaps who seem to thinks now that I’ve have seen a full service provider for some BDSM activities

I’m wanting to level up and visit a Professional Dominatrix for a session booking
and has no slave training regarding mannerism and etiquette on how to approach
a Professional Dominatrix for Her to notice you.
For you visit Her for a session booking.

Dominate Regards
Mistress Gail