Sunday, October 9, 2022

A Journey into Self Exploration and Self discovery

Over the next couple of months I will be breaking bd/sm, fetishes, female domination, down into
explainable sub categories for you to understand if any of theses fetish are a part of your sexually preference or not.

Nipple play abbreviation nt
Let see if Nipple play /Nipple stimulation is a fetish for you or not ?Now you might be wondering
how are we going to do that ? Its quite simple .Pay attention to what I am about to say
and follow my instructions to the T.


Im going to be giving you four different examples of nipple play /stimulation .

Here goes gently caress your nipples with your fingertips very slowly and in a soft light and
featherly manner for a little while. Observe how your body is responding or awakening to the sensations you have created
around your nipple or not ?

No impatience or rushing is required, Easy does it.

Let take a break for 5 min and go find some house hold washing pegs for Me and bring them back to your bedroom or where
every you are reading this from.

Next we going to use our fingernails and gently go up and down and around your nipple with your fingernails.
Once again paying attention to how your body is responding to the sensations your creating around your nipples.

Where are you feeling the sensations from the nipple stimulation in your body and make a mental note there off.
Next you going to take your thumb and index finger and place them around your nipples and tweaking
your nipples up and down with your thumb and index finger.

Once again paying attention to what areas of your body is being stimulated by the nipple stimulation.

Last example pull your nipple forwards and place a washing peg onto your nipple either facing upward
or to the side if you can handle the sensation leave the washing peg on both nipples and flick the washing pegs up and
down on your nipples and once again pay attentions to what erogenous zone of the body is awaking from the nipple stimulation

From your Journey into self exploration in the safety of your own home-space
you are now able to pin point what form of nipple play you into

Examples 1 and 2

One would be able to combined varies forms of bondage with the erotica of sensual tie and tease
nipple play without roleplay into a bd/sm sessions booking and this is know as Sensations play

Why Is Mistress Gail saying Bondage as hand behind your back does what to your body?
it pushes your nipples forward to play with

Examples 3 and 4

One would be able to combined either female domination of a strict/ sensual sadist or Mistress roleplay/
Prisoner dynamic into the mix playing with bondage from leather restraints to tight bondage
and a variety of toys for nipple ie as nipple clamps into a bd/sm sessions booking and this
would be know as a roleplay slave Mistress dynamic.

To explore this further contact Mistress Gail via my booking form link below

An example of another form of sensation play in clip below