About  Senior Mistress Gail


Calling all high powered influential men, time to indulge and explore your darkest desires.

Let Me lead you down the path of temptation in your collar and cuffs, as we play our games of peoples power exchange.

Surrender and discover a world beyond the corporate boardrooms and playing fields, Let me lead you down the path and unlock the door to a world of fantasy,tantalising & teasing your frazzled ego.

Surrender to Mistress Gail in her private secure dungeon.

Let the Mistress introduce you to the fine alluring dance of power on an undiscovered level.

I am  a sensual sadist, who enjoys building a slave, submissive up sensually with pain and pleasure allowing the endorphins to flow.

My personality encompasses many facets from sensual to erotic, devious to cruel, playful to mischievous, gentle kind, to nurturing.

playing within the confirments of  safe, sane, consensual play.

As Mistress Gail teases, torment and punishes a slave / putting you through your decadent paces of euphoria.

Knowing exactly where you're limits lie in a session with Me.

Good Communication is of paramount importance to Mistress Gail as its gives Mistress clarity of what you are wanting to explore as a slave / submissive / naughty boy / sissy slut in Our / our  session.

Mistress focuses solely on your fantasies and fetishes in a session,  unless you have asked to be taken to the edge of the cliff in a session with No Mercy words given to you.

A Safe words is given to you at the start of a session to keep you safe in you're session and may be utilized at anytime that you are feeling unsafe in your session and whatever Mistress Gail is doing will end immediately.

I bring to Our/our sessions a blend of American, British, and South African Female Dominations

Mistress Gail has been  active in the B.D.S.M since 1990.

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