"Discretion is of parallel Importance to Me I neither care or want to know who you are in the world outside.

In My Presence & Domain you are seen only as slave or submissive.

Should I see in the world outside you will neither be greeted or acknowledge by Me.

Is that understood."

I've reached a point in my professional career where transparency is required as to why I enjoy participating in fem-dom activities

   such as bd-sm kinks and fetishes and no longer a list of bd-sm activities that I enjoy working with by name only without a 

   more meaningful in dept explanation of my work and my practice

   as I've evolved and grown through the years as a Professional Dominatrix .




I enjoy the physical feel touch texture and versatility of ropes in my hands and how ropes allow Mistress to creatively tie  a slave or submissive up in rope bondage.

Whether I wanting to create a feeling of helplessness with ropes or a feeling of comfort and slight bondage with leather restraints and ropes that give my slave or submissive some wriggle room knowing that my slave is powerless & I'm tickled pink by the element of surprise that Bondage presences to Me.

Caning Spanking Whipping Flogging

Always loved the shape of a bottom the voluptuous  

roundness and firmness of a male or female bottom.

The wobbliness and fleshy part that you just want to reach out and pinch and squeeze at the same time.

Or wanting to give the bottom a slight slap on the bum cheeks also known as spanking.

The lean tautness of the buttock muscles responses to the impact of a cane.

The skill and confidence I have in myself regarding the usage of my cane and the red marking that  rise up from the center of the bottom from the accuracy of using my cane on the bottom with either a role-play or impact play.

The courage and trust the bottom has in Me to receive a caning and disciplinary session from Me. The marks will fade the memories won't.



   Nipple Play

    A lovely erogenous zone on a man or a women that ones able to dial into with ones fingers.

    In a kneading motion knowing just how to work those nipples over for the desired effect that I looking for.

    To quick to fast spoils My fun easy does it keeps my slave or submissive on a titillating edge.   


Cock & ball play

Electro play & sounds  

Being in charge of the pain and pleasure I choose to administer or inflict on you're cock and balls

Controlling the state of you're arousal through the  sensations and experience of varies toys that I use on you're cock and balls.

Orchestrating the movement of you're sexual energy  throughout  you're body and observing the high and lows of you're arousal all the while knowing  that I am in charge of  you're orgasm and that you are My Property for a set period of  time and  I'm the one calling the shots and I say when you have permission to cum or not.  


Crossdressing/ Feminized

  The boys that love dressing up as girls with their tight pussies, gorgeous calves and yummy asses.

  A living breathing live doll to play with dressed up in sensual soft sexy underwear, heels  wigs clothing and make up.

 All dressed up by Mistress and transformed into beautiful women or a bum whore for Mistress that so much fun and  gives Miss so much pleasure to do. 

 The gasp when she looks the mirror the comments of Mistress I feel and look so sexy as her  gorgeous femininity bubbles to the surface.

" Requirement for any forms of anal play from prostate play  to strapon play

is to give yourself and enema one hours before a session booking''

disposal enemas can be bought from dischem for this purpose.

   Pegging /anal


"Ethan Self -administering an enema is an effective way for a sub

to prepare his emotions and mind set before a session.

 The role reversal of being in the masculine or bi role of having a cock in- between my legs

 that I can touch stroke and use and have you suck Me off with

Giving a sissy verbal instruction on how to suck Me off.

 Knowing that she has a few delightful holes that My Cock can use.

 Giving a sissy a good fucking in her pussy once shes been prepped or a slave in his man pussy with my strap-on.

 Stretching using and fucking bum holes that are clean and well lubricated and  knowing once again that I am able to give you an intense prostrate G stop orgasm through the skill of my hands and cock that will have you purring like a sex kitten or sissy slut for Mistress.


         Golden Showers / Piss play  Worship Legs Bum        

  A cascading of golden nectar out of Mistress intimate parts

   ,as Mistress marks her territory and property with her golden nectar

   The factor that I can just pee on a slave without going to the loo

 is so convenient and the controlled golden shower into a slave mouth of open wide slave now swallow so that Mistress Gail can piss into you're mouth again

Fantasy Roleplay Scenarios

Intriguingly playing out creative roleplay fantasies as the authoritative figure and actress I was born to be.

 Dungeon Rentals

Rental of the dungeon is available

 to like minded people.

Couples Sessions

For Couples that are wanting

to explore a session with Miss Gail

either as Dominate with Miss Gail or both submitting to Miss Gail.

Couples Dominatrix Training

For wives or Husbands wanting to learn more about being

dominate and assertive with their partner and learning how to use all the parahernalia to scene and play with their partners in a loving safe way.

Online BDSM Sessions

On Skype what app text or video session available that are 

discuss and Booked within Miss Gail Hours of availability

With easy anonymous safe payment reflect straight away.

Respecting boundaries and limits is a two way street. Mistress Gail respect yours.

Mistress Gail boundaries and limits as a Professional Dominatrix and specialist in my

chosen field of expertise means that there is No Massage, Oral, Nudity or sexual intercourse with my services.

All session end with a happy ending.

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